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I am a person who is positive about every aspect of my life. I like to read, I like to write, to think, to dream. A well-trained dancer. A talkative one, and at the same time, I am a good listener. I like to feel the music. I love to think.  I enjoy writing articles, stories, poems.

That was something which I think everyone feels about them-self. I would like to describe my blog. Okay friends, so in my blogs whatever I write that will be realistic and also it will be totally my view. Maybe I will add something new and more interesting on my blog. It’s just a starting, so I will take small steps and climb the stair.

My post contains about:-

  1. Creative writing.  I would love to share the creative stories which I will write down. Everyone can write if they really want to.
  2. Motivational stories. This portion of the post will contain the best possible stories that will motivate you. I have faced many bad situations but I tried my best to overcome it. I will share them with you, so that, if needed you can use them as the weapon.
  3. Certain photographs. Photography is on my wishlist. I will share the pictures and will love to see your photography too.
  4. Short stories. Now, it’s time for some storytelling time. Read out the post and Enjoy.