Don’t carry the weight of your bad past.

There are millions of new memories you are going to make. Empty your bag and wait for the fabulous upcoming memories.

Don’t ruin your future. 

Everything is in your hand, how to behave in the saddest part of your life. 

Keep smiling and make yourself proud by your work…!!!

You have to Dream…

You have to dream to live your life,

It’s useless to have no excitement and live aimless.

There are thousands of people who dream to be at the top,

But ever wondered why you are one of the heedless?


Where is that spark, that lighted up your path?

Why you are confused and made yourself hard?

It is easy but you kept your eyes shut, 

You are there, Just stay calm and that is your award.


Think big and be focused,

If there are hundreds of hurdles, 

Jump through them.

Make your list a bit more confident,

You are worth it and prove it,

You are the sachem..!!!


No No…!!!

People who are thinking this is a series review, then I want to clear out that, it is NOT the review of your favorite series, “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”💞💞.

It is my story. 

And about “My FRIENDS”😘😘😘.


If you guys know me, I am the one who is taking the selfie. Just beside me is, “Shalini” and the last one is, “Sakina”…💝💝💝

We are in a relationship from the last 3 years:

Yes, we went to the extreme, we tried to gift the best birthday scenario, the debate, where we three have a different perspective to see a particular thing. There was the time we spent on talking, or you can say, gossiping and trust me, it is the never-ending time. 

Sakina and Shalini were the 2 most important part of my college life. I don’t have a number of friends in girls…!!! 😇😇😇But hey there they are…!!! 

Never Executed Plans:

Yes, there were hundreds of times we made a plan, coded, compiled but no output no execution…!!! The one hilarious one is planning for Digha.

That were the last days in our college life, we thought to have a girls trip. But ta-da, it failed. 

Only Unplanned memories:

We had some memories which count on, Yes, and they were the result of some sudden plans. I remember in our list, the one day that was planned, Sakina’s birthday. 


Birthday Bash:

I have many memories related to our birthdays. we used to write letters, make cards. We always tried to do something different from the last birthday. Even if it’s not our birthday, but it was sure that we are going to spend our whole day roaming here and there. 

Our Debates:

Yes, this is the most important part where we were crystal clear with each other. Your opinion is welcome, only if it is correct. 

But after a fight or debate, it takes just one talk to forget everything 😇😇and start our same drama as we used to do.


Hahaha. This is the unbreakable record of my group. 

The number of selfies we take in 1 minute is above your count. Shalini is not that sort of person to keep on taking selfies, but yes, I or Sakina are same. 

In my group, I am the queen of the selfie, because both of them are really bad in taking selfies…


Well, there are decades of thing I want to write, but hey, let’s keep it for another time. 

I really miss my 2 idiots. Wish to meet them soon.😇😇😇 

Keep writing. Love you.💝💝💝

5 ANIMATED movies you must watch

Hey friends. 👋👋👋

Animated movies are one of the best gifts of science. And animated movies are not only for the child, instead, You, me, your grandparents, my parents anyone can watch this.😛😛

I will recommend watching the following list:

5) Finding Nemo

Yes, this movie has to be in the top 5. One of the best story which has emotions, struggle, love, care, comedy, and most important attachment. The story of a clownfish, a dad. I will not be a spoiler. If you have already watched this movie, then you know how amazing the concept is. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, please go and watch.




4) Frozen

Guys, if you have siblings, it is the best movie to connect with you. I had watched this movie for 3-4 times. Elsa, the elder sister got to know she has some power to freeze everything. The younger sister, Anna, the character is brave and full of confidence. Well, this movie makes your heart flow with the love. It is actually a love story of 2 sisters.😍😍




3) Zootopia🐇

A world full of animals. What we know about each and every animal, they have the same character in this movie. Like fox is clever, sloth is slow, etc. A small rabbit from rural area has dreamed of becoming police cop in the urban city, Zootopia. Her struggle and partnership with a fox. How both solved a mystery case. 




2) Kung Fu Panda

I remember about this movie, my friend has recommended it for more than 5 times. But I was not having interest. But one day I thought to watch it, and trust me, that was one of the best decision of my life. The best movie you should definitely watch. How a lazy panda became superior in karate. There are 3 series of Kung Fu Panda, and all are great, awesome, amazing. 




1) Big Hero 6

Well, if it is in number 1, then surely it’s having some X-factor. Yes, it has…!!!

BAYMAXThe healthcare robot, who then changed to a fighting robot.

I strongly recommend you if you have any interest in technology you must watch this. This movie will change your mindset. You can relate it. You will be enthusiastic, and will surely do something great in your life, after watching this movie. It will motivate you. 



Okay then, here we end. These are my top 5 list. I will love to hear from you if you have some more names on the list. 

Thank you, friends, for reading the post. Feel free to suggest your favorite movie names. Till then, keep writing. Lots of love.😍😍😍

Strange Planets in space😳😳😳

Hey friends… 🙋🙋🙋

I am so excited about this post. I wanted to complete this post very early but due to some reasons I was not able to, but ta-da😁, here it is. 

So, people who have an interest in planets, space, asteroids, and all these things, then you are in the right place…!!!!

So, we know, the earth is a unique planet in the solar system because this is the only Planet where life is found. But hey, wait… there are really amazing and shocking and interesting planets over the space that will seek all your attention. 

Let’s get started…

1- GLIESE 436b


The whole planet is made up of ice. Now, imagine you are touching an ice-cube. what you will feel? Cold…!!!

But the ice of this planet is BURNING with 439-degree Celsius. 😱😱😱So, how can this happen? How the ice is not melting on the temperature above it’s melting point? 


GRAVITY. The gravity of this planet is so strong and it pulls the melted ice water towards its core making it in solid form. Also, stopping it from evaporating while melted. 

This planet is also known as “BURNING ICE PLANET”.

2-  55 CANCRI E


This planet shines like a DIAMOND💎💎💎 over the space… 

Imagine you are there and diamond is all over the area, what you will do? You might be thinking to bring that diamond to the earth. Stop…!!! Practically you can’t.  This is 40 light years from our planet, so hey… don’t be too happy. 


It is twice the size of earth and third of it is made up of solid diamond. Yes…!!! It is named as “GIGANTIC DIAMOND”

3-  HD 189773b


Can we even imagine a planet where the rainfall is not of water…!!! but of GLASS PIECES..!!!


This planet atmosphere is full of SILICON which gives it’s a beautiful blue color. But also, due to the high surface temperature, the silicon particles condense to form solid glass, and which flows sideways with 4000 miles per hour wind…!!! 

Strange right? Well, moving on…

4-  TrEs-2b



It is 750 light years away from our solar system. It is officially the darkest planet in the entire universe. 

It reflects less than 1% light that hits its surface. Well, the scientists are also working to know why this planet is so dark.

One more characteristic that makes this planet strange is that it glows a molten red color as if it is a ball of coal on fire but actually it is not…..!!!

5- Gliese 581 c


According to the scientist, this is one of the top 3 planets to support alien life. 

It orbits a red dwarf star so if you look upon the sky it is totally red in color. 


What makes it strange?

Well, this planet doesn’t rotate on its axis, because it is tied up. That means, one face is towards the star and one face away from it, all over the centuries. 

Also, the side facing towards the star is so extremely hot that it would melt you alive. And, the side away from the star is so cold that you would freeze. 

so, how this planet support life? Well well well…😳😳😳

There is a narrow strip of land between the hot and cold side of the planet, where the temperature is normal….!!! 

Well, there are many more strange planets in the universe, I covered just the 5.

So… I am sure there are people who have more information related to these 5 strange planets. If you are one of them, share your information. 

Keep writing… Bye.💞💞💞