You have to Dream…

You have to dream to live your life,

It’s useless to have no excitement and live aimless.

There are thousands of people who dream to be at the top,

But ever wondered why you are one of the heedless?


Where is that spark, that lighted up your path?

Why you are confused and made yourself hard?

It is easy but you kept your eyes shut, 

You are there, Just stay calm and that is your award.


Think big and be focused,

If there are hundreds of hurdles, 

Jump through them.

Make your list a bit more confident,

You are worth it and prove it,

You are the sachem..!!!

Delight 😇😇😇

I may not be perfect but I am ME.

The love and care I do, it delight.

 Every time I count on you and you are by me,

Augmenting your shoulder even in the midnight.

The stupid Best Friend😇😇

“Best friends do not need to be THE BEST Person”😂😂😂

Yes, I experienced this line today. I was having a conversation about the series, “little things” with my best friend. 

At some point, he disagreed with me. That’s totally okay because he is having his own point of view. 

But at a certain level, I really felt that he started being racist. Then for obvious reasons, I tried to make him realize that he was wrong. But, without being sorry, he started the argument.

No…!!! I am a good girl, I never argue. Besides, it’s about race, women, men, equality, corruption, level, nationality and few points like that. (Okay….!!! Don’t be judgmental, I am just being honest)

So, after that argument, we both were really in the bad mood. 

I thought he would at least call me and ask sorry. But he didn’t call.😏

But we are best friends, so, I called him and shouted my heart out. Then at some point, he realized that he was wrong. He asked sorry for that😇, and so do I.

I apologized because I shouted at him.😇

See, if He/She is your best friend that doesn’t mean you both see the world in the same way. Practically it is impossible to find someone with 100% same characteristics as yours. (If you have someone like that, then, NO comments…!!!)

So, I was saying it is not the most important thing to have the same view or the same point. Just remember if He/She is your best friend, no matter how ugly you fight you guys will find each other in need because that’s what best friends are supposed to do…!!!

💝💝💝”Best friends need to be the best for you” 

What If I Fail? 😱😱

What if I fail?

What if my dream never materialize?

What if my luck and hard-word never support me?😓


Nothing will happen, it is just a sad phase,

You are away, from your prodigious chance, that you chase.

The night and the nasty time have to conk,

The insight dream with sparking light will knock.

Let us fail and try to pass, 

It may take sometimes, but surely it will last.🤟

“What if I fail?”- Don’t try to find them all,

Just be sure that you will get up, no matter how badly you will fall.💪💪