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Strange Planets in space😳😳😳

Hey friends… 🙋🙋🙋

I am so excited about this post. I wanted to complete this post very early but due to some reasons I was not able to, but ta-da😁, here it is. 

So, people who have an interest in planets, space, asteroids, and all these things, then you are in the right place…!!!!

So, we know, the earth is a unique planet in the solar system because this is the only Planet where life is found. But hey, wait… there are really amazing and shocking and interesting planets over the space that will seek all your attention. 

Let’s get started…

1- GLIESE 436b


The whole planet is made up of ice. Now, imagine you are touching an ice-cube. what you will feel? Cold…!!!

But the ice of this planet is BURNING with 439-degree Celsius. 😱😱😱So, how can this happen? How the ice is not melting on the temperature above it’s melting point? 


GRAVITY. The gravity of this planet is so strong and it pulls the melted ice water towards its core making it in solid form. Also, stopping it from evaporating while melted. 

This planet is also known as “BURNING ICE PLANET”.

2-  55 CANCRI E


This planet shines like a DIAMOND💎💎💎 over the space… 

Imagine you are there and diamond is all over the area, what you will do? You might be thinking to bring that diamond to the earth. Stop…!!! Practically you can’t.  This is 40 light years from our planet, so hey… don’t be too happy. 


It is twice the size of earth and third of it is made up of solid diamond. Yes…!!! It is named as “GIGANTIC DIAMOND”

3-  HD 189773b


Can we even imagine a planet where the rainfall is not of water…!!! but of GLASS PIECES..!!!


This planet atmosphere is full of SILICON which gives it’s a beautiful blue color. But also, due to the high surface temperature, the silicon particles condense to form solid glass, and which flows sideways with 4000 miles per hour wind…!!! 

Strange right? Well, moving on…

4-  TrEs-2b



It is 750 light years away from our solar system. It is officially the darkest planet in the entire universe. 

It reflects less than 1% light that hits its surface. Well, the scientists are also working to know why this planet is so dark.

One more characteristic that makes this planet strange is that it glows a molten red color as if it is a ball of coal on fire but actually it is not…..!!!

5- Gliese 581 c


According to the scientist, this is one of the top 3 planets to support alien life. 

It orbits a red dwarf star so if you look upon the sky it is totally red in color. 


What makes it strange?

Well, this planet doesn’t rotate on its axis, because it is tied up. That means, one face is towards the star and one face away from it, all over the centuries. 

Also, the side facing towards the star is so extremely hot that it would melt you alive. And, the side away from the star is so cold that you would freeze. 

so, how this planet support life? Well well well…😳😳😳

There is a narrow strip of land between the hot and cold side of the planet, where the temperature is normal….!!! 

Well, there are many more strange planets in the universe, I covered just the 5.

So… I am sure there are people who have more information related to these 5 strange planets. If you are one of them, share your information. 

Keep writing… Bye.💞💞💞