Family in a single word?

Using one word, how would you describe your family?

I know right. The family is the backbone. 

I feel the correct word I would answer for my FAMILY is— “LIFE-LINE”.


The Shadow🎀🎀

Close enough of your soul,

Your heartbeats are mine too.

Your smile or dismals,

I belong to your endearment heart,

Fearless I walk with you,

Your path is mine too.

Sometimes you see me, sometimes you don’t,

I hug and kiss you sevenfold,

The magic of your touch makes me alive,

I want your folded hands to tig me,

coz, your touch is mine too.

Chennai- Come to south “India”.

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India is a country in Soth Asia. Seventh largest country by area. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal.

From top Himalaya to bottom Kanyakumari, India has colorful wings.

Why should you visit Chennai?

Recently I came from south India. The experience was so comfortable that I would love to visit Chennai one more time. I would like to share my feelings with you guys.

Beach lovers are welcome

Yeah, beach lovers get ready for the awesome blossom tides with full of high and low waves. The tides will make your day. You can walk around and enjoy the waves. The wind is so cold and cheerful, it will make all your tension blow. We went at the time of dawn. We enjoyed a lot and were almost wet.

People will love you

The best part is when you get caring and friendly people around you. Yes, that is what there in Chennai. The people love the tourist. I met new people and all were so good and helped me in the new city while traveling and reaching the destination.

Tradition is most important

Well, India is known for its tradition. And we can clearly see that in Chennai. The people follow their tradition by heart. Girls wear half saree and suit with a ‘Gajra’, (the flower) on their hair. Men wear ‘dhoti’, (long cloth generally white in color) and kurta. You will enjoy watching them.

Girls are safe

Yes, What I observed about girls, that they are safe and can enjoy of their own. I was so free and happy.

Locations are breathe taking

You heard the right thing, the locations are awesome. Chennai is a very old city, which makes the buildings and monuments look like the palace. If you just walk by, you will see many monuments. Well, many new buildings are made that are so high.

Can enjoy delicious food

If you are foody, this is the perfect place to taste many different varieties of food. ‘Idli’, ‘dosa’, ‘sambhar’, ‘Wada’ and many delicious foods that I enjoyed in 3 days. While walking near the beach I had a food item, ‘Mirchi-pakoda’,  (chili fried) and that was awesome.


I personally felt that Chennai is a place where you should go for at least one time, to enjoy the beauty and nature.