An unplanned trip🌄😍😍

Hey friends…!!!😍

Welcome back to my blog. Hope you guys are doing well, enjoying your life, having fun and going out for a trip. If it is not so, please do it.😇😇

I don’t remember when we have planned a trip and really executed it. 🤔Nah…!!! Never.

Our trip is always planned at the last minute and it really works for us.🤓🤓

Let’s talk about Today’s morning Sudden plan. I know, you guys are thinking, morning means:- “8 am”… Nope, it was 5. Yes, 5 in the morning.🤕

Walking for a long distance of around 2 kilometres, we reached the RiverSide. The place where Haldia‘s heart resides.😇😇

We really had a good time. The sun was also supporting by not burning us.🌞🌞 It was a humid climate today.

We clicked out some amazing pictures. Please have a look on it…!!!😀😀😀


This is one of the best examples of, “Practice makes us perfect”…!!!😌😌 I think before the perfect click, we had some 5 to 6 practice turn, where we can see the difference.

This pose was really tough. But thanks to the dedication of all friends. We tried to do it better and better.😇😇

We were 9 buddies, together went for hunting for the last few moments of college life. 

I have a special picture to show you. 😅😅


Yes, a little bit of imperfection, I can see. 😋😋But sometimes being imperfect gives you the best memories that a perfect one can never…!!!

I don’t know why we thought of giving this Trendy pose. But we did.😇😇

After having some awesome pose on the riverside. We went back to college. There is a small area for agriculture, 🌾🌾just crossing an old bridge.

We went there and enjoyed the location. It was new for me to experience that type of area. 😄😄I was wishing to cross that old bridge from the 1st semester, and now I finally did it.💪

It was an awesome morning and a successful unplanned trip.💞💞

A Perfect trip😍😍

Hello friends…🙋🙋

Hope you guys are enjoying the sunny day.🌞 The weather is too hot, and for this reason, I went to DIGHA for enjoying the beach. 

I had a great time there. I went for 2 days trip, with my 2 close friends. We enjoyed a lot there. I have captured some memories, well, a very less one.


The cold water ships all the disquiet and grief with it. The waves arise as the happiness😄. High waves come and make us happy while waiting for the waves arise as sadness. Well, there is an end of the waiting phase and waves comes and makes us smile. In the same way, as after every sad phase we see happiness.😄

On the first day to the beach, the sun was standing over our head. We thought maybe we will not be able to enjoy that much due to sunstroke, but NO. We jumped and waive ourself to the beach. Around 2 hours we spend there, trying to play with water in different ways. 🤘🤘


The beach was so perfect that it has some sand area where you can walk along. There were thousands of small crab who was almost the size of ants living inside the sand. Many artists were making out the sand statute on the bed of the ocean😋😋. (Sorry, I don’t have a picture of it, as we went without phones and camera for enjoying the waves.)


These rocks were helping out us to be seated. Many of the people were enjoying the waves by watching the curves and pliability and by feeling the wind. We seated there for 1 hour without any gossip, it worked. We actually felt good. 😇😇

On the 2nd day, we went at 6 in the morning and there were many fewer numbers of people enjoying the water, others were roaming or sitting on the side of the beach.


There we desist for 3 and half hours enjoying the water and the high waves. Then we went to drink coconut water who were waiting for us to buy them. I saw a couple, they also bought a coconut and from a single one, both started drinking. It was cute to see them.


Horse riding is a famous rule almost every couple follow. I don’t know who is in the picture, I just captured it. It is a beneficial way of income in the beach. People ride on the horse for almost 5 to 6 minutes. Horses are dressed in a beautiful way. 😎😎Owner ties a bunch of colorful artificial flower around the head and neck of their horses so that they can attract people for a ride.


There were people who were selling colorful balls. In the above picture, the lady is waiting for the customer there we went and bought a silver colored ball.😎😎 The game was to through the ball in the direction of the ocean and the waves try to return your ball to you. And trust me, every time the waves won. 😂😂😂

That’s all we have done there, with one more exciting thing. We tried to taste every special dishes on the side of the beach. Each one was extremely good. It was a perfect trip.😍😍