End leads to Bend…👍👍👍

“Stay Strong and calm till the End,

Every turning point takes place after a certain bend…!!!”💝💝💝


Some people have mailed me, that I am writing only motivated post nowadays… Why is it so? Is anything not going well? And all.

First of all, Thank you guys for your love and care, because I know at a certain level you guys are there for everyone.😊😊😊

Yes, I am going through some personal problem, and yes, it is tough for me.

But I am working hard to defeat it. Time will change for sure and I am eagerly waiting for my good time…

Thank you for all your blessings and Love…💞💞💞

When you don’t find a reason to SMILE

Hey…!!! What happen?

Are you not happy with the status of your life?

The way you thought is no longer bright…?

What happens when you don’t find a reason to smile…?


You are not alone walking on the street,

If you fail once, be patience and start it with confidence.

Because you are the one riding your way,

You can do your best with the failed past experience…!!!


Let the good time conquer the night,

Let your heart feel the ride,

The path is long but is sure to end in a while,

Wait up, till the time you feel the pride.


Find a reason to smile, No matter how bad your situation is. You have one good reason with you, “Your support- Your friends- Your family”…!!! Think about them in your worst condition and for them- SMILE.😊😊😊

Different Result

Albert Einstein once said:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Well, most of us are doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result for every trial. How is this even possible?

For a change, just try changing a little bit, maybe that is required…!!!

Don’t fear from taking a new risk. Who knows, once a risk can change everything for better…!!!


“Be free from fear…

Be fearless and have faith in DIVINE…!!!”

Why we people are so afraid of God or almighty?

When we all know that the Almighty is our friend…!!! People are afraid and most of the Pandita take benefit of it.

I don’t understand if you have faith in God, why you need a broker in between?

See, don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you should not believe in God, I just mean to say that Love and have faith, don’t fear from the Almighty.

In India, worship is turning into a business. A business where common people like you and me are wasting our money and other part is totally misguiding us.

Always remember, no God wants us to do Hawans, or go to the Dargah, or to light up candles inside the Church…!!!

Our Almighty need our love, faith, and worship from our pure heart.

I believe in my God. I know that a positive energy is there, that is beyond our imagination.

Love your God, Don’t fear…!!!

Hey New Blogger 2

Hey, there new flowers…💝💝💝

Just wanted to announce that, for you guys, I have prepared a contest.  Yes, where the winner will get a chance to collaborate with my few posts.

So, let me announce the contest. 

You have to write a post on the given topic.

To the new bloggers:

  1. The topic is, “Out of the box”
  2.  It should be short but extraordinary, or just amazing
  3.  Not more than 200 words
  4.  If once you have noted down your points, just share your post in the comment box or mail me
  5.  Wait for a week for the result

This is a contest where you can give your best. If you have the power of writing, show it.

So, hurry up…!!!