And there it ended

It is not easy for me to maintain this relationship with you”– He

“But we used to live together from several years. We will maintain this. I know.” -She

“Please try to understand my situation. I will not be able to maintain this relationship from distance.” -He

“But why not? I trust you, and so do you. Then what it will take, to maintain this?”She

“See, I love you, but I am not going to come and meet you for months’. I will not be able to give you my time. And maybe I will not be able to talk to you for a week or so. We will not be happy. Just think and then response” -He

“In my life I just have you and if you still ask me for a response then this is really stupid of you. You are my life BETA(son).” -She

“That I know MA(mother), but you only tell me, after going to the USA, I will be far and will not able to come and see you. I think this is a better option that you will move  with me.” She

“No son, it is not that easy to leave the place where my childhood belongs, where your father and I met and got married. The place where I spent my 67 years with different phase- happy, sad, emotional. I saw you growing here.” -She

“But Ma, if I will leave you here, I will not be happy there. See, if my father was alive, I would have left you. But in this condition- NO” -He

“Son, I don’t want to be a burden for you or your wife.” -She

“Seriously MA?…. Burden???” – He

“I just don’t want to leave INDIA.” -she 

“Are you sure? I should leave you alone here and go?” – He

“Yes, Son.” -She


Next morning he dropped a mail to his manager-

Hi Ratan,

I thought about the promotion you offered to me.  But you know I just have 3 members in my family, and I don’t want to leave any one of them behind. If I will agree to move to the USA, my mother is not going to come with me. So, I apologize for denying your offer.

I am sure you will understand my situation. 

Thank you



Te Amo💝💝💝

“I was in school at that time when I received the first Love Letter.

Yes, I was in class 9th.😂

I was happy to see someone love me but I was 10 times more nervous to see what is coming towards me.” said Surbhi.

“Well, I never received any love letter. In fact, there was no one who ever loved me. I tried to date but I was friend zoned or bro zoned.😏😏😏”– Zen

This is the scenario when a couple has this conversation.

Zen- “But what destiny did is totally different things. You are stuck with me.😂😂”

Surbhi- “Yes, and spent quite a lot years with you.💝💝💝”

Zen- “You remember how we spent our college life…!!! The love, the romance and our fights💝💝💝💝

Surbhi- “Yes, of course, I remember. How you come to meet me so far at my hostel.”

Zen- “And even that you keep fighting with me.😏😏😏”

Surbhi- “I was the one who was fighting?😐😐😐”

Zen- “No. It was always 😋😋 ME.”

Both smiled.💝💝💝

Zen- “I am going to sleep keeping all the good memories in my mind. The relationship which we both share.😊😊 The good and bad gossips we had. The closeness which we share, which is a wall for any 3rd person to enter in our life.😍😍😍”

Surbhi- “When we both wanted to marry, but our religion made us different. But still, we fought for our love and convinced our family.😊😊😊”

Zen- “We had our first baby girl, Suren😍. We loved her, with all our heart. We had our 2nd baby boy, Zehi😍. I still remember how both of them keep fighting. But now, both respect and love each other a lot.😊”

Surbhi- “We saw our grandson smiling, crying, laughing and dancing😊. We saw how our daughter-in-law came into our lives and our daughter went to another’s life😊😊😊”

Zen- “Yes, with all these good memories I am going to close my eyes.😀😀”

Zen kissed Surbhi.💝💝💝💝

Zen- “Like we always have the good night kiss from last 64 years😘😘😘. I love you.”

Surbhi- “I love you too. We Really Enjoyed Our Life…!!!💝

Both lied down in the hospital bed.


Next morning


Nurse- “I am so sorry, we tried our best, but they are no more.”

Zehi- “Yesterday you told both are out of danger, then how?”

Nurse- “We are also not getting this.”

THE END ~~~~


Hello Friends…!!!😍😍

I know we all want a love story the same I wrote. 😍But miracles never happen in a relationship. If you really want a good ending you should give your effort.

Love your loved ones and be the reason for their smile.😇😇

Keep writing. 😀😀😀

And then… It happened😃😃

Hiiiii my dear lovely friends👋👋👋

I am extremely happy 😀to say that finally, something good happened in my life.😇😇

Now the rain has stopped and the rainbow is showing.😍😍😍

The night went and the morning shines.😊😊😊

I know, this is not going to be a great news for each and every reader, but for those who are connected with me, they know how I was facing the bad situation in my life. 😇😇

I am really thankful to everyone who was there with me in my bad time. I assure you that if you need me, I am with you.😊

Today I got some good news and it was mandatory to share that with you people.

God bless you all 😇😇and keep your love and support 😊open for everyone.

Ending this post with a smile😃 and with a hope that everything will be smooth from now.

All Little Things

He: Why you Love me? There are thousands of people, then why me? What is special in me?


“Baby, your smile that counts on me,

Your care and love, that sometimes you break down for me,

Your all little things that make no sense,

But yes, I love them all deep and dense.


I know you want a perfect reason for your pride,

I know you don’t like the imperfect side,

Your dimples that make my mood all fine,

Your talks and hugs, yes, make me shine.

I don’t want to count all these little things,

But if I do, it’s all that I loved about you.


You always wanted to dance like a pro,

And to sing songs out of your heart, to and fro.

That’s the reason you sing the whole night, 

I listen to them and keep as a secret which is totally alright.

Well, these little things are not countable,

But I love them endlessly and with no regrettable.


There are more thousands of little things,

I always loved and respected deep from my heart,

You are Perfect, O boy for me,

With you, I can be with my true smile, 

I know these little things are not your pride,

But I love them from more than a while.”

Google Doodle🌍🌍

Hey guys, Welcome to my post.👋👋

Well, today is a sunny day, we all are busy in our own work, but…

Before 44 years from today, the Arecibo Message was sent from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. It was a three-minute message of exactly 1,679 binary digits.

The message contains everything about “Human, DNA, and Earth”😎😎😎, in the hope that this message will be received by the living being in another part of the space, far from our earth.  

Well, the Arecibo message was sent, the message has traveled just 259 trillion miles – a fraction of its journey to its intended destination, which will take roughly 25,000 years to complete.​ (Amazing…!!! 😄😄😄right?)

Well, let’s celebrate this day as a great hope to find someone out there like us in the huge space…!!!😛😛