Different Result

Albert Einstein once said:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Well, most of us are doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result for every trial. How is this even possible?

For a change, just try changing a little bit, maybe that is required…!!!

Don’t fear from taking a new risk. Who knows, once a risk can change everything for better…!!!

Hey New Blogger 2

Hey, there new flowers…💝💝💝

Just wanted to announce that, for you guys, I have prepared a contest.  Yes, where the winner will get a chance to collaborate with my few posts.

So, let me announce the contest. 

You have to write a post on the given topic.

To the new bloggers:

  1. The topic is, “Out of the box”
  2.  It should be short but extraordinary, or just amazing
  3.  Not more than 200 words
  4.  If once you have noted down your points, just share your post in the comment box or mail me
  5.  Wait for a week for the result

This is a contest where you can give your best. If you have the power of writing, show it.

So, hurry up…!!!


No No…!!!

People who are thinking this is a series review, then I want to clear out that, it is NOT the review of your favorite series, “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”💞💞.

It is my story. 

And about “My FRIENDS”😘😘😘.


If you guys know me, I am the one who is taking the selfie. Just beside me is, “Shalini” and the last one is, “Sakina”…💝💝💝

We are in a relationship from the last 3 years:

Yes, we went to the extreme, we tried to gift the best birthday scenario, the debate, where we three have a different perspective to see a particular thing. There was the time we spent on talking, or you can say, gossiping and trust me, it is the never-ending time. 

Sakina and Shalini were the 2 most important part of my college life. I don’t have a number of friends in girls…!!! 😇😇😇But hey there they are…!!! 

Never Executed Plans:

Yes, there were hundreds of times we made a plan, coded, compiled but no output no execution…!!! The one hilarious one is planning for Digha.

That were the last days in our college life, we thought to have a girls trip. But ta-da, it failed. 

Only Unplanned memories:

We had some memories which count on, Yes, and they were the result of some sudden plans. I remember in our list, the one day that was planned, Sakina’s birthday. 


Birthday Bash:

I have many memories related to our birthdays. we used to write letters, make cards. We always tried to do something different from the last birthday. Even if it’s not our birthday, but it was sure that we are going to spend our whole day roaming here and there. 

Our Debates:

Yes, this is the most important part where we were crystal clear with each other. Your opinion is welcome, only if it is correct. 

But after a fight or debate, it takes just one talk to forget everything 😇😇and start our same drama as we used to do.


Hahaha. This is the unbreakable record of my group. 

The number of selfies we take in 1 minute is above your count. Shalini is not that sort of person to keep on taking selfies, but yes, I or Sakina are same. 

In my group, I am the queen of the selfie, because both of them are really bad in taking selfies…


Well, there are decades of thing I want to write, but hey, let’s keep it for another time. 

I really miss my 2 idiots. Wish to meet them soon.😇😇😇 

Keep writing. Love you.💝💝💝