And there it ended

It is not easy for me to maintain this relationship with you”– He

“But we used to live together from several years. We will maintain this. I know.” -She

“Please try to understand my situation. I will not be able to maintain this relationship from distance.” -He

“But why not? I trust you, and so do you. Then what it will take, to maintain this?”She

“See, I love you, but I am not going to come and meet you for months’. I will not be able to give you my time. And maybe I will not be able to talk to you for a week or so. We will not be happy. Just think and then response” -He

“In my life I just have you and if you still ask me for a response then this is really stupid of you. You are my life BETA(son).” -She

“That I know MA(mother), but you only tell me, after going to the USA, I will be far and will not able to come and see you. I think this is a better option that you will move  with me.” She

“No son, it is not that easy to leave the place where my childhood belongs, where your father and I met and got married. The place where I spent my 67 years with different phase- happy, sad, emotional. I saw you growing here.” -She

“But Ma, if I will leave you here, I will not be happy there. See, if my father was alive, I would have left you. But in this condition- NO” -He

“Son, I don’t want to be a burden for you or your wife.” -She

“Seriously MA?…. Burden???” – He

“I just don’t want to leave INDIA.” -she 

“Are you sure? I should leave you alone here and go?” – He

“Yes, Son.” -She


Next morning he dropped a mail to his manager-

Hi Ratan,

I thought about the promotion you offered to me.  But you know I just have 3 members in my family, and I don’t want to leave any one of them behind. If I will agree to move to the USA, my mother is not going to come with me. So, I apologize for denying your offer.

I am sure you will understand my situation. 

Thank you



New Year = New Resolutions😇😇😇

With this great start of the new year 2019, I was thinking to take some resolutions.

First of all, what are the top 8 most common resolutions that usually people make:-


  • Lose / Gain weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Save money
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Utilize their time
  • Read more
  • Exercise
  • Travel to a dream place

So, these are the common points which people are tired of adding😎 in their new year’s resolution list.😋😋😋😋

Give me a break…!!!😐😐😐

If there is something, I was not able to complete in the past year then I will make it as a resolution😇😇 and will try to do it in the coming year.

Why we wait for a year to end or a new year to start, to do what we really need or want to do?😉😉😉

So, I am going to take a resolution that- “😇Whatever I want to do, I will do it this year.😇😇😇”

I will not wait. I will not stop my self. 😎If I want it or really need it, I will do it.

So, What is your new year resolution?😃😃😃

Ooohh…!!! You can share.😃 I really want to know about this…!!!😇

Happy Birthday Sister💝💝💝

Hey friends…!!!💓💓💓

It’s a special day for me. The day when I was gifted with a small princess, my little sister💝💝💝


I wish her all the happiness and love.💝 💝 💝

My savior: I remember a time when I was in class 6th. Due to some reasons, I got punishment from my home-teacher to stand out of the house and my sister started crying by seeing all these. She was very small but she felt very bad for me.💝💝💝 She started crying like hell and yes, my punishment was over. 

My best friend: I was in 10th and I wanted a close friend, with whom I can share everything. Finding out in my closest list, I got just one- MY SISTER.💝 And from that time she became the one. I know when everyone is against me, she is there holding my hand and telling me-“You are stupid, 💝 but I love you🤓🤓🤓”

My Mother: Some of the times I feel, she is scolding me just like my mom😌. Well, she is a small sister, but I know with her stupid ideas, she is mature with her decision.💝

Chhotu Whtsapp 20170901_134649


Well, she is a girl full of excitement, adventure and full of life😀😀😀. She is the type of girl everyone wants in her life. 🌹🌹🌹

There are many things I love about her, but the most important is her innocence. She is very sweet and a good singer…

Also, she is very particular about her friends. And I know that she can never judge the people around her.💝💝💝

She is beautiful and cute. With her killer smile, she rocks. Love you sister.💓💓💓

If Question Paper speaks….!!!!😋😋

Hey friends…💝💝💝

Welcome to my blog😇😇😇

Well, I read many people are going to have exams from next week and so👓. I thought why not to have a post regarding this… and here it is, TA-DA.😆😆😆

The question paper / He: “Today I am going to ask you everything that you forgot to cover…”

Me: “Oh, my god…!!! Please don’t do this to me… Please”

He: “There are 7 questions in section 1 and…”

Me (Thinking): “Oh, That’s great. I have to attempt only 5 then… Yes…!!!😇😇”

He: “And you have to attempt all 7😋”

Me: “Wow, Then why it was needed to say??? It was understood to attempt all….”


After a few minutes:

He: “In the next set you have to attempt only 6 questions in a total of….. 7 questions”

Me with rude mood: “Really? Thanks for the concession😒😒”

He: “Start writing, time is running and you have to attempt many questions”

He: “You read that chapter no. 11th?”

Me: “Just the half chapter, the 2nd half was difficult for me”

He: “Okay your next question is then from the 2nd half only.😋😋😋”

Me (irritated): “Arrrgghhh…!!!😒😒😒”


Again after a few minutes:

Me: “I know this topic but I forgot….!!!”

He: Smiling

Me: “Can you help me with this, I read the topic but I forgot the exact number and name.”

He: “Yes, sure why not… I can give you 4 options for you.”

  • 00231 – villlage
  • 00231 – village
  • 00232 – vlllage
  • 00232 – village”

Me: “Seriously? Every option is so similar…!!!😒”

He with a cruel smile: “But I am helping you.”

Me: “Let it be…!!!! It was my fault to ask from you. Leave.”


In the last few minutes:

He: “Are you sure the thing you are writing is even related to the question asked?”

Me: “Just shut up. I am concentrating…. (Writing writing and writing, but all the useless things…!!!)😋😋😋”

He: “Okay, I think you are going to fail. You need my help, but with a deal? “

Me with shining eyes: “Yes…!!! I will do anything. But help me.”

He with a cruel smile: “In the next set of long question’s section, I have the same data of 5 multiple choice question’s answer.”

Me (Turning the pages): “Wow😃😃”

He (Stopped me): “The deal is: You have to promise me, that after the exam you will not tear me in pieces, it hurt man. It pains a lot.”

Me in excitement: “Sure sure. You don’t worry, I will not tear you. I promise.😃”


So, guys…!!!

Here it is, what happens when you don’t study nicely for the exam. So, prepare well so that this scenario does not take place with you. 😂😂😂

Keep reading and writing. Take care. Love you all.😍😍

All Little Things

He: Why you Love me? There are thousands of people, then why me? What is special in me?


“Baby, your smile that counts on me,

Your care and love, that sometimes you break down for me,

Your all little things that make no sense,

But yes, I love them all deep and dense.


I know you want a perfect reason for your pride,

I know you don’t like the imperfect side,

Your dimples that make my mood all fine,

Your talks and hugs, yes, make me shine.

I don’t want to count all these little things,

But if I do, it’s all that I loved about you.


You always wanted to dance like a pro,

And to sing songs out of your heart, to and fro.

That’s the reason you sing the whole night, 

I listen to them and keep as a secret which is totally alright.

Well, these little things are not countable,

But I love them endlessly and with no regrettable.


There are more thousands of little things,

I always loved and respected deep from my heart,

You are Perfect, O boy for me,

With you, I can be with my true smile, 

I know these little things are not your pride,

But I love them from more than a while.”