Perfect Gift… MI BAND ⌚⌚⌚

Well with advanced technology, every bit is getting advanced. Then why not the watch?

Now, let me introduce the MI BAND 3…😇😇😇

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 10.46.11 AM

How useful it will be when you can see the time, keep your health record, check your heart rate, see messages, have the stopwatch and much more from your wrist only.

Yes, With these functionalities and more the MI band is having 4.5 / 5  stars. 😇😇😇

This fitness band cost just rupees 1999/- 

So, I got this gift from my friend. And I really thanked him for this. 😍😍😍 Well, he gifted me this band before a month, but I was a little busy that I am writing this post Today.

You have to connect your MI BAND with the device and then the main functions are evolved. 😎😎😎

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 10.46.09 AM (1)

  • Getting notifications, Messages
  • Rejecting calls
  • Sleep tracker
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Exercise tracker
  • connect with MI band friends
  • finding your phone
  • getting an update on the number of steps
  • Burned calories
  • The temperature of your surrounding
  • In fact, you can have a different screen display


WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 10.46.10 AM

Well, there are some applications downloading which you can have more functions.

MI Band Fitness– For fitness freaks.

MI Band Func Button– To function with music applications and youtube.

MI Band Amazfit selfie – By one click on a band, you can take a selfie.

and many more.

The battery backup of this MI band is excellent. When my Band is connected to the device, the battery last for 5 to 6 days. And in case it is not connected to the device, it lasts for more than 20 days.

So, here it goes. This MI Band is worth it and I personally recommend you this as a gift… because generally, people are in doubt, what to gift? Ta-da here is the solution.😜😜

Keep writing and reading.😇😇 And keep smiling😍😍😍

Just about the Last night💃💃💃

No, I am not telling I am a good dancer💃. But there are sometimes when I dance and people around me are okay with my steps😜😜😜.

Well,  Yesterday night I and family went to a party. So many people were there and most of them were Punjabi. Now, let me tell you one big fact about Punjabis, they are great at heart and always ready to dance🤓🤓.

So, here it goes. They called me to the stage, ooh… I forgot to tell one fact about me- Only the music should be loud and clear, no matter which language it is, 😎😎😎 I am ready to dance💃.

Therefore, when they called me I went on the stage. I danced, danced and danced💞💞💞. Many small children were dancing with me. And they were very happy with my steps and dance moves.

Well, there everyone appreciated me for my dancing skill. But, the most wonderful to hear from the “Baccha party”(small innocent children)💝💝.

And now, the most important thing- THE FOOD😛😛😛

It was delicious and fab. Chicken, mutton, and fish all three👌👌👌. The taste was awesome. Ice-cream and coffee. I don’t have words for the food part🍛🍜🍧.

Frankly speaking, I don’t even know the family where I went yesterday😜, But yes, it was fun. I attended the party after a long time, so, it was double excitement.

If Question Paper speaks….!!!!😋😋

Hey friends…💝💝💝

Welcome to my blog😇😇😇

Well, I read many people are going to have exams from next week and so👓. I thought why not to have a post regarding this… and here it is, TA-DA.😆😆😆

The question paper / He: “Today I am going to ask you everything that you forgot to cover…”

Me: “Oh, my god…!!! Please don’t do this to me… Please”

He: “There are 7 questions in section 1 and…”

Me (Thinking): “Oh, That’s great. I have to attempt only 5 then… Yes…!!!😇😇”

He: “And you have to attempt all 7😋”

Me: “Wow, Then why it was needed to say??? It was understood to attempt all….”


After a few minutes:

He: “In the next set you have to attempt only 6 questions in a total of….. 7 questions”

Me with rude mood: “Really? Thanks for the concession😒😒”

He: “Start writing, time is running and you have to attempt many questions”

He: “You read that chapter no. 11th?”

Me: “Just the half chapter, the 2nd half was difficult for me”

He: “Okay your next question is then from the 2nd half only.😋😋😋”

Me (irritated): “Arrrgghhh…!!!😒😒😒”


Again after a few minutes:

Me: “I know this topic but I forgot….!!!”

He: Smiling

Me: “Can you help me with this, I read the topic but I forgot the exact number and name.”

He: “Yes, sure why not… I can give you 4 options for you.”

  • 00231 – villlage
  • 00231 – village
  • 00232 – vlllage
  • 00232 – village”

Me: “Seriously? Every option is so similar…!!!😒”

He with a cruel smile: “But I am helping you.”

Me: “Let it be…!!!! It was my fault to ask from you. Leave.”


In the last few minutes:

He: “Are you sure the thing you are writing is even related to the question asked?”

Me: “Just shut up. I am concentrating…. (Writing writing and writing, but all the useless things…!!!)😋😋😋”

He: “Okay, I think you are going to fail. You need my help, but with a deal? “

Me with shining eyes: “Yes…!!! I will do anything. But help me.”

He with a cruel smile: “In the next set of long question’s section, I have the same data of 5 multiple choice question’s answer.”

Me (Turning the pages): “Wow😃😃”

He (Stopped me): “The deal is: You have to promise me, that after the exam you will not tear me in pieces, it hurt man. It pains a lot.”

Me in excitement: “Sure sure. You don’t worry, I will not tear you. I promise.😃”


So, guys…!!!

Here it is, what happens when you don’t study nicely for the exam. So, prepare well so that this scenario does not take place with you. 😂😂😂

Keep reading and writing. Take care. Love you all.😍😍

And then… It happened😃😃

Hiiiii my dear lovely friends👋👋👋

I am extremely happy 😀to say that finally, something good happened in my life.😇😇

Now the rain has stopped and the rainbow is showing.😍😍😍

The night went and the morning shines.😊😊😊

I know, this is not going to be a great news for each and every reader, but for those who are connected with me, they know how I was facing the bad situation in my life. 😇😇

I am really thankful to everyone who was there with me in my bad time. I assure you that if you need me, I am with you.😊

Today I got some good news and it was mandatory to share that with you people.

God bless you all 😇😇and keep your love and support 😊open for everyone.

Ending this post with a smile😃 and with a hope that everything will be smooth from now.