Hey you, beautiful😍💝💝

That night I was awake,

Listening to all your favorite songs…

Making my heartbeat for you,

With each word of lyrics it made that night long…


Where are you from, or just from any another space,

You know magic with your eyes, that speaks more than words…

Oh, I remember the day you waved to me,

With that smiling face, that I had never seen in the whole world…


Yes, you are beautiful with all your defects,

With all the precious memories that we made,

I will love you the way you are,

And with all the fought, the smiles that we had…


Generally, people start forgetting about love, and what they remember is just- Anger, irritation, fights…!!! Why? 

Just because they start the nature of not showing love…

Guys Please, keep your attitude aside and make each and every moment a loving and best memories… Who knows, if tomorrow your partner is not with you.

Thank you, my dear friends, for the smile...

Love you guys. Keep loving❤️

When you don’t get a Topic😇😇😇

I know right…!!!😇😇😇

This is really sad…but true as well.

I was finding out for the one topic to express myself, but bitter truth I failed every single time  I tried.

Now, I feel… Maybe finding for the Perfect topic I  stopped there itself. 

But I need to move, to walk… And that is why I thought why not to share my heart out with my friend here.

I don’t know, maybe you guys have also get out of topics and search out for the best that suits after a break. And couldn’t find one.

Aargh…!!! It’s sad. 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am fine and hoping that you are also sailing on the same boat… 💝I really thank my friends who keep asking me through emails about me.

Keep showing Love, and stay fit.

Keep writing. Love you.💝💝💝

And there it ended

It is not easy for me to maintain this relationship with you”– He

“But we used to live together from several years. We will maintain this. I know.” -She

“Please try to understand my situation. I will not be able to maintain this relationship from distance.” -He

“But why not? I trust you, and so do you. Then what it will take, to maintain this?”She

“See, I love you, but I am not going to come and meet you for months’. I will not be able to give you my time. And maybe I will not be able to talk to you for a week or so. We will not be happy. Just think and then response” -He

“In my life I just have you and if you still ask me for a response then this is really stupid of you. You are my life BETA(son).” -She

“That I know MA(mother), but you only tell me, after going to the USA, I will be far and will not able to come and see you. I think this is a better option that you will move  with me.” She

“No son, it is not that easy to leave the place where my childhood belongs, where your father and I met and got married. The place where I spent my 67 years with different phase- happy, sad, emotional. I saw you growing here.” -She

“But Ma, if I will leave you here, I will not be happy there. See, if my father was alive, I would have left you. But in this condition- NO” -He

“Son, I don’t want to be a burden for you or your wife.” -She

“Seriously MA?…. Burden???” – He

“I just don’t want to leave INDIA.” -she 

“Are you sure? I should leave you alone here and go?” – He

“Yes, Son.” -She


Next morning he dropped a mail to his manager-

Hi Ratan,

I thought about the promotion you offered to me.  But you know I just have 3 members in my family, and I don’t want to leave any one of them behind. If I will agree to move to the USA, my mother is not going to come with me. So, I apologize for denying your offer.

I am sure you will understand my situation. 

Thank you



People say…😪😪😪

We live in a society, where people ask for equality,

People say that there’s no caste division,

But only the lower caste can understand…!!!

People say that there’s no color division,

But only the Brown people can understand…!!!

People say that there’s no religion division,

But only Lovers from different religion can understand…!!!

People say that there’s no class division,

But only the Below poverty line can understand…!!!


This is a place which we call SOCIETY,

A place where we spent our whole life.

But this is not a perfect place to live,

We have to make a division-free society-

Where children of all caste can play together,

And a Hindu can visit a Muslim, without Hesitation,

A person can marry according to their choice,

No one should become a racist,

Only then it will be called as a perfect ‘SOCIETY’…!!!


Hello, my dear lovely readers💝. Hope you guys are doing well and great.💝

Well, this is a piece of art that my sister has written, which amazed me, because I never thought that she can think this deep.🤓🤓

I am glad, 🤓I was wrong.  

Love you guys, keep reading and writing💝💝. Love your work and stay fit. Love 😘😘😘

My First Salary😇

Hi guys, first of all, I apologize that nowadays I am totally busy with my new schedule, and am not able to make time for you people. But I am having a story.

So here it comes.

Today I received my first salary. 😇😇yippee..!!!!

Well, it is not a big amount to count on, but the happiness of getting the first salary is undefined. 

Wait…!!! I have received a list, of my sister’s wishlist that I have to fulfill. And you guys know, sister’s list means you are not going to save anything after the shopping.

But more or less, it is something that every person experience in their life. 

Well, nothing comes in my life without a twist. So, here it is:

In my office, everyone was waiting for the message that says: “Amount XX deposited in A/C…..”  😇😇😇

After 3 hours the text message started coming to my colleague.  One after another everyone was receiving the text, without ME. 

Yes…!!!  I was waiting for the text. Every other employee received the salary, but I was still waiting. I was worried. Every other person was having a bad story of- “Why I had not received the salary yet….” which was making me sadder.

Then after an hour.  My phone vibrated. A text came. “Yes…!!!!” I exclaimed.

And I was very happy to see that text. Uuufff…!!! Finally.

We ate chicken biryani and momos(both my fav) as a treat.

 And now I am very happy. 😇😇