End leads to Bend…👍👍👍

“Stay Strong and calm till the End,

Every turning point takes place after a certain bend…!!!”💝💝💝


Some people have mailed me, that I am writing only motivated post nowadays… Why is it so? Is anything not going well? And all.

First of all, Thank you guys for your love and care, because I know at a certain level you guys are there for everyone.😊😊😊

Yes, I am going through some personal problem, and yes, it is tough for me.

But I am working hard to defeat it. Time will change for sure and I am eagerly waiting for my good time…

Thank you for all your blessings and Love…💞💞💞

You have to Dream…

You have to dream to live your life,

It’s useless to have no excitement and live aimless.

There are thousands of people who dream to be at the top,

But ever wondered why you are one of the heedless?


Where is that spark, that lighted up your path?

Why you are confused and made yourself hard?

It is easy but you kept your eyes shut, 

You are there, Just stay calm and that is your award.


Think big and be focused,

If there are hundreds of hurdles, 

Jump through them.

Make your list a bit more confident,

You are worth it and prove it,

You are the sachem..!!!

There was a time…!!!



There was a time, I cried aloud,

I needed someone to control my weep.

I needed to be pampered and loved,

And while I cry, to hug for a while.


But time has changed me and made me strong,

Now, I cut the call to make a brief time and cry out loud.

I used to count on my tears sitting in front of the mirror,

But now just wash my face and looks fresh which a smile can bear.


There was a time, every small word hurts,

I used to shout or start weeping literally.

Now, I barely react to any stupid comment,

Even I try to laugh at my own jokes and cover everything easily.


P.S:- We all have crossed the phase when we used to cry a lot but afterward we became strong enough to bear any pain.

She lost the love of her life…😢😢😢

Anyone can relate this poem’s lines:-

Like the thousands wind go blowing,

When I think of you, it made me glowing.

Waiting for the perfect time you come,

I may hug you, kiss you and I will be a chump.

The warmness of your hugs and odour of your body 

It made me feel insane, and make me deeply crazy.

I wonder and wish my thoughts to be true,

The one I see, everyone says it’s untrue. 

If they are correct then, why It’s a puzzle?

Whenever I lay down, I feel the cuddle.

It seems your eyes are constantly watching me,

When I am crossing the road, you are walking beside me.

You are my past, my present, and my fate,

The backbone of my life and the perfect soulmate.

You are here and with me, I am sure,

In my mind and in the heart and in my soul, which became truly pure.

You are the reason, I will continue my life,

I want to prove them all, you are with me,

Walking hand in hand and directing your wife.

P.S:-  I would love to dedicate this poem to my dear friend,”VAMIKA”. She was in a relationship for more than 8 years, she got married after her 3rd year of the relationship. That means she had a love marriage. But recently she lost the love of her life. Suddenly, she started feeling his presence. The love can never be exchanged or taken away.