I hate your touch…😒😒

It has been a while that I kept quiet,

I know it’s my fault that made you wild.

When we got married I thought,”This is it”,

But after a few days, you showed your outwit.

Yes, I will call it the outwit when you gently touched me before marriage,

But now it’s the worst feeling I get from your side.

Every night your irritation and the office’s frustration,

And the anger on the boss and the argument with the colleague,

I am being Raped just because you are willing to do it.

It was love and attraction I thought that you were close to me,

But what it seems like I am the toy you want for sex and leave.

Not a single call from your side or you have time for a date with me,

But when you are done from your office you need me by your side for this.

The normal days I spent on your bed enduring the way of your love,

Even the menstruation time, it’s you, forcing me in the washroom that made me cry.

P.S:- Marital rape…!!! How can be possible? If you are married how it will be called as Rape? You are his property, he can do anything he wants….!!!     Seriously??? Those people who keep this type of mentality are not human, they are morons…!!!



Really arduous to talk about it.

But I will. I will raise my voice against the CRIME.

Does Rape just means “the attack on Girl”? NO.

It means more than that. It means you are showing your standard. What is your mentality? What is your upbringing? How you think? What type of education you got? On what state you are? How you see the world?

I know, you will think why am I stuck today on this particular topic?

Yes, I have an answer. And not a single one, I have a list of it.

A 3 months old girl got raped by her own uncle. 

She even doesn’t know what happens to her? She can’t even cry properly and she got RAPED. How that moron even thought to rape that small baby?


Sorry. Not only a 3 months old girl but a 99 years old lady got raped.

99 years old lady…!!! Seriously?

I read that the neighbor boy who was just 22 years old raped that lady. During her rape, she died but the boy does not stop.

I mean, how they even think of raping a girl? If she is not a girl, she is a lady. Doesn’t matter. Just rape her.

The above 2 situations are the boundary for a girl when she is newly born and she is going to die. If the morons are not leaving us on the boundary how they can leave us in the middle stage.

Not forgetting the DAMINI matter. What was her fault?

Ooo… I know her fault. She was a girl…!!! The biggest fault. Remembering how badly she was raped. At first, she endure the gang rape, then a pipe was inserted into her vagina.

Every single day girls are being raped.

Yesterday I read that a girl was raped inside the Temple. The pure place is also taken by them. For 8 days she was stuck there, crying, waiting to run away. But she failed. She was continuously raped by the gang of several people. Lastly found her dead body thrown on the outskirts of the area.

I have listed only a spoon of a list from the ocean.

Well, now I fear. Am I safe here?

What if tomorrow they will try on me or try on your sister, mother, grandmother? I fear about it.

Walking on the street I fear if a single or group of people are standing. No matter it is day or night. Yes, during the night the fear is just multiplied by 100 times.

Standing on the bus I fear. If they start misbehaving with me. And I will shout or slap them. Later they will kidnap me.

Every foot I keep is full of fear.

The CRIME is increasing day by day.

Making an environment of fearful one for the girl.