My mom dad’s arranged cum Love marriage….!!!

Well, Love story?😁😁😁

I know it is hard to believe, but it is true- My mom and dad have not seen even the pictures of each other before marriage. 😜😜😜

But after the marriage, everyone thought it is a love-marriage.😇😇😇


Yes, I am going to tell that part also.😁

Well, at that time my father used to go to Asansol(92 km away from my place) for his job. And my mom’s uncle house was there. 

Also, my mom’s uncle was also in the same occupation, like my dad. 

So, that uncle was the mediator of the marriage. But due to the reason that the marriage took place from Asansol, everyone thought that “Both are in love and he comes to Asansol to meet her. They are in love for years and years…”😜😜😜

Well, my mom doesn’t live there in Asansol, but Peopllleee… They made the story and which was plotted nicely. Then what, everyone there took that marriage as- “Love Marriage”😁😁😁

That was not enough, my father’s family also started to take this marriage as Love marriage and due to which they thought of questioning my dad. 

Therefore just before marriage, my grandmother had a conversation with my dad

Grandma- “Everyone is talking that this is a love marriage. Is it true?”

Dad- “No. I don’t even know how she looks. How you thought about love. This is not true. If you agree then only I will marry otherwise I will not…”

Then what my grandmother has to believe my dad. 

And the “Arranged marriage” took place.

But people now also believe that they had “LOVE-MARRIAGE”…😂😂😂

My success was just POSTPONED…


I haven’t failed, my success is just postponed.  “Easy to say, difficult to apply”

I want to share the scenario of my college when the placement season was going on. Many of my friends got placed. But due to some reasons, Stella was not. Then also, there was a hope for her, as she was waiting for the company who might select her for the good communication skills.

After some days, that company came, for which Stella was waiting. But it was her bad luck that for the first time that particular company increased their requirement from 60% to 75%.

Again Stella was hopeless because she was beneath the range and was not able to sit for the placement.

“There are better options for you Stella”, Aarush said to Stella.

“But why me? It was the best option for me or I say the last one“, Stella whiningly said.

“No option is the last. You know yourself, you are more than just a good speaker”, Aarush continued, You will achieve more than this. You have that willpower. By the way, this is not the end. You never failed, be strong”.

“Seriously? I am not able to sit for the company I wanted to, what else bad I have to see now. I don’t know what my destiny wants? It seems that this is the end of my career. I failed.” screamed Stella.

“What you are facing, you think this is any sort of failure? I think you are wrong. You don’t even know what exactly failure means.” Aarush said, “Failure never explains what you left unnecessarily, in fact, it explains what you left for better results. These companies are not for you. You will get placed with the best package from this college, I assure you. Trust me. I believe that you are better than this.”

“Don’t joke Aarush…!!! You know me right? I don’t have any hope now. This is a failure for me.” Stella said.

“That’s what, Stella,  I know you very well” Aarush explained, “Remember that failure is just an event, which will pass on. It is just a bruise and not any tattoo. We know that we learn from our failure. It is a part of success.”

“Maybe I am convinced. But tell me what I am really supposed to do now”, Stella asked.

“You know, failure is not falling down but refusing to get up,Stella.  If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original. Aarush said, “Stay strong. You are the only one who will be there for yourself after any event. If you are afraid to fail, you will keep falling forever.”

Stella convinced, “yes, I have heard, If a person never made any mistake, had never tried anything.” 

“Any failure is not a loss. It’s a chance. You learn. You grow. Well, you are not failed, Your success is just postponed”, Aarush said.

Stella blossom. “I am convinced. I will wait for other companies and will be placed in the best one.”

After few days. A fine day came in Stella’s life. She got placed, with a handsome package.

Life always makes you wait for the best.” Stella said,  ” I am honoured to get a friend like you”

“You got what you deserve. It is better than your type of communication skills company”, Aarush exclaimed.

Now I know that My success was just postponed, and not gone. Stella hugged Aarush and thanked him for his belief that She can achieve something good in life.

There is no failure, only feedback.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you something you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve better.





The sunset



The beautiful morning brings whole day in its package.

The bag full of joy, excitement, happiness, positive vibes and lots of hope.

We all know the value of a day, and we thank God for giving us the luck to see the beautiful morning.

I feel so excited and good during the morning but as the vesper begins, I start feeling lifeless,” yawning Sejal said.

Sejal was a girl full of stress and tension. The tension size varies from the small exams to her family matter. She forgot how happiness portrait was. Her love Kumar was so tensed to see that Sejal is becoming depressed day by day.

Okay, then I think you never went to the Riverside, in evening, that is why you are boshing,” Kumar said.

The sudden plan always works and Kumar knew this. He insisted Sejal and She agreed to go Riverside. Both went there. They enjoyed and had lots of photos.



Kumar said,” without these evening we are empty, because if morning brings us energy, hope, and a positive attitude then evening also bring a small bag for us”.

Sejal moved to him. Leisurely sat on a cemented area, which seems to be made to block the sides. “And what bag? What it contains? Mr. Kumar.” Sejal asked.

“An evening brings us the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. The hope that the happiness you are wishing will be yours, don’t lose hope, a new day will come. The sadness and stress all will be over just step ahead”, Kumar explained.

Sejal held the hand easefully. “Are you sure tomorrow is better than today? And your belief that evening is for reminding us that this is the end of sadness is actually true?”

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 9.32.27 PM


Every evening promises to bring a new morning. Anyone can start a journey but greater are those who end it, and evenings are great. It wraps every day with a  hope for a new beginning” Kumar said.

Kumar sat near Sejal and looked at her. Sejal bent on Kumar’s shoulder gently and started,”Kumar, wonder how I used to think that evening is hopeless and boring, In fact, evening brings us the best part of life. It brings the time for us, to spend it with our family and loved ones. I can’t be hopeless in evening, it is the gift that morning gives us”.

Kumar smiled, he saw love in Sejal’s eyes. He calmly bent his head on Sejal’s head. Sejal,” I will not take tension of my life from now because, after day when evening will come, it will mop up all the sadness stress and tension of my life”.

“Yes, this is the truth”, Kumar was happy from inside.The evening went off after promising to gift a new day. Slowly the sky was filled with stars.  Sejal found a new hope and faith. Kumar found his love.

The cold wind was dancing and thanking for the wonderful day hoping to see a new beginning on a fresh morning.


Thank you SHALINI for the wonderful photos.






Love story of “Shoes and Socks”





What I mean to you? ” asked the Shoe in a confused way.

I am with you from the time we are here. We are close“, answered the Socks.

The Shoe is kept on the Shoe rack, in a room full of books. Entered Bhushan with 2 books in his left and a bottle in his right hand. Bhushan, The owner of the room and shoe.

Switched on his television, watching, TOM and JERRY cartoon.

I think I am…” Interrupted the Shoe, Socks said,” Why you love me? I will not always be there for you… We are together until the time I can fulfill Bhushan’s standard.”

I want you, I think I Love you”, Shoe asked Socks to be quiet. “When your soft body lies on me, softly it tickles. In winter, you provide me the required warmness. During summer, your cloth saves me from sweat. Whenever I am with you, I feel complete”.

Okay, I also want to share my feelings”, Socks replied,”I feel protected with you. You are there and I am safe from the scratches. During the rainy season, when Bhushan put on me, without you, I feel the shower of water on me, Yes, it makes me feel so cold. But with you, I don’t even care about the rain”.

But I am going to be old soon”, cried socks, “I have very less time left and if you will love me like this, even I love you back, we will be separated soon”.

A smile came out, Shoe said,”Even if we will be far apart, I will love you“.

Sock fully lied down on Shoe, and Shoe felt the cuddle.

Next morning, Bhushan was getting ready. Now, its time to wear shoes. He removed socks from the shoe and threw on the floor. A new pair of Socks took place. The old socks panicked. The shoe was speechless.

It was just a night we actually accepted our Love, and our destiny fails.”, socks cried. “You carry on your journey with the new partner, I have to leave now”.

I want to hug you for the last time“, Shoe agonized.

Suddenly, Bhushan took the socks from the floor to clean his shoes.

Both hugged and kissed each other. Cried to be with. But they couldn’t.

Bhushan threw the pair of socks in the dustbin.

The shoe was missing his socks very much. Few months the Shoes survived but he was disappointed and hopeless.

After sometimes, he was also replaced with another pair of shoes and thrown in the same dustbin where his socks were thrown.

He died peacefully.






The story behind my name #MAGGIE


via Daily Prompt: Tailor


I know it sounds really different that my title is ” Story behind my name #Maggie”.

You might be thinking it is just because I used to eat a lot of maggie so my friends named me. This is the half part, the other part is more interesting.

I live in Kolkata. The place which is known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries, and cultural festivals. And beside all these our college’s most famous food and that is, “maggie bhaja”. It’s really delicious.

From here the story begins. Whenever my friends ask me what I had for my lunch, dinner or breakfast. The only answer I gave was..”Maggie bhaja”. You might be thinking that ‘Maggi is not good for health, that you always used to eat it’. I would like to say,”yes..! Maggi is not good for each and every meal. But sometimes you can eat it.”

“Hey who are you, I ordered first and you came late” I shouted at the boy who took the plate of my maggi bhaja from the hand of the aunty from the dhaba, where we went.

“I am hungry and I can’t wait for more, please let me have it” he begged.

“No, I am hungry too. I will not give this plate to you” I refused. Suddenly aunty came and gave another plate of maggi bhaja.

Unknowingly I left the plate and that plate fell down. “You stupid” he shouted. “Why you left the plate?”

“I thought to give you the particular one and have the other” I answered.

Again we both attacked the next plate. After arguing for more than 10 minutes. We decided to eat from the same plate and so we did. The boy who was not known to me. I didn’t even know his name, but we shared the same maggi bhaja.

“So ma’am, what is your name,” he asked in a gentle way. “Maggi” I said and smiled. “And you are”

“Bhaja” he laughed. We both started smiling at each other. His eyes were so beautiful. I started staring into his eyes. “Eat Maggi otherwise I will have the whole plate,” he said.

He noticed me that I was watching him. His voice, his nature it was so noticeable that I noticed each and everything. I think it’s “love”… the only word I said. He started smiling and said “ma’am have your part of maggi bhaja because I ate my part”.. I was staring at him. He was there in front of me till I ate.

The Same moment my friends turn up and they began to make fun. The boy went with a  handshake. But I wanted to know his name, his information, everything.

I ran out of the dhaba to see where he went. But he was not within my range. My eyes were thoroughly finding him. I wanted to talk to him. But my eyes were unable to catch his glimpse

That was the only day I met him. Even today also I pray to God to just make my way to his place. Also from that moment, my dear and devil friends announced my name as maggie. And from that time, at first my friend, then classmates, then half of the college and at last the whole college started calling me @maggie.

And so I became the most famous #MAGGIE of our college. Maybe that day was not in support of me but still, it gave me a memorable name. And I am thankful for this.