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First of all, I am really sorry for such a late reply. I know many of you have sent their best post to me for the contest.

Here is the result… I can’t give any of you the numbers like first, second and third. I read all the link you have sent me and I am so touched to say that,”YOU ALL ROCK…!!!”

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Thank you to all the readers and writer for the involvement. Love you all…πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

The letter (Part-2)πŸ“¨πŸ“¨

In the last post, we have seen that Marry has written a letter to the unknown writer.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Here is the next phase.

“You are not ready? I thought you will be excited to go for a dinner date. Today Bihar(a place in India) is closed so there will be no traffic jam “, John said.

“I am not in a mood for a date. Can we drop this idea?”

“Yah. Sure. I will…” suddenly John’s phone rang. “Hello, Raj. Hey buddy how are you? What…!!! Today? Yah, Just a second…” He ticked the speaker and asked fromΒ  Marry, “My friend raj is coming here from Kerela(another place from India). He will stay for 2 days.Β  Hope you don’t mind?”

“No. He is your friend. Be a host”, Marry in a low voice.

“Thanks, dear” removing the cover from speaker John exclaimed, “Buddy at what time? Yes, I am coming to the airport. okay. Bye.”

John went to the airport.

Marry’s phone beeped.

Dear Superheroine87,

I am honoured that my words touched your heart. I am very thankful for your letter which carried a lot of love. You had wrapped your heart in a small paper, and trust me I appreciate it.

Well, coming to the topic of a lovable husband, I want to say that a good husband should be like superhero87. So, when I will get married I will love my wife like superhero87 does. Yes, madam, I am a bachelor.Β 

I would like to introduce my friend here, who is deeply in love with his wife. My post contains my words but the feelings are of my best friend. If you are in love with my words that means my best friends feelings are strong enough that you connected yourself with him.Β 

Well, I know you want me to give my best friend’s blog link. But sorry to say that he doesn’t write. I am going to meet him in Bihar, today. To know more about his love and affection for his wife, so that I can write a new post. His wife’s name is Marry.Β 

If any more information is required then you can contact my best friend John, The real husband. If you want his contact details please respond. After 2 days I will be again online. Till then, love me.

Β I will wait.


Hahaha… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚What happened? This is really different, right?Β 

Well, after knowing that Raj is superhero87, she blocked his mail id. Because now she knows that the real Superhero is none other than his husband John.Β πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

She never told this incident to John. Raj was also unaware that superheroine87 is none other than Marry. Everything went smoothly.

You know, sometimes doesn’t matter that you are the hero of your movie but you strictly need a side-hero to make everything perfect in your life, like Marry needed superhero87 in her life.

The Letter (Part-1)πŸ“¨πŸ“¨

“Marry, hurry up. I am going to the office. Please pack my tiffin”, Marry’s husband John hurried.Β 

“Ooohh…!!! It is about 6 months we are married, but even then you can’t pack your tiffin. I am fed up with you.”,Β Marry in an angry way.

“I know you were not ready for this marriage, but we both were detained. I am compromising. Please co-operate. Alone I can’t do anything. I am going to pack my tiffin. Be ready at 6:00, will go for a date.”Β John smiled and left.

Marry washed her face and then she thought to contact with the one, she has actually fallen in love.Β 

He was a blogger. In his every post, he used to pen down the beauty and nature of his wife.

The way he glosses the beauty, the white sky becomes the paper and rainbow becomes her name. Well, we all are attracted towards the rainbow, as so was, Marry.Β 

No, I am not prelecting that Marry was fallen in love with her, it was even better…!!! Marry was in love with the writer, who formulated the beauty to the other level. The writer she found randomly on the net, was unknown.Β 

Marry wrote a letter where she expressed her love towards the writer.Β 

Here it is.

Dear You,

This letter is a sign that I am a huge fan of yours.Β  I don’t even know your actual name, I just know that you, (superhero87) are an amazing writer. The way you illuminate each and every part of your wife’s life story is gratifying. You will be shocked to know that I resemble your wife.Β 

Yes…!!! Each and every part you confabulated of your wife, is similar to me. I was shocked to know that how 2 people on this earth can have all similar characteristics. I know you love your wife that is why your every post is related to her. I am glad that I found your blog.Β 

If you can, Please reply to me. I will wait for that.Β 

Your’s loving,πŸ’


I know, it was great reading the letter Marry wrote. Will see what was there in the reply of superhero96 in the next post. 🀘🀘

Till then, keep writing. Love you, friends…πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’