Just about the Last night💃💃💃

No, I am not telling I am a good dancer💃. But there are sometimes when I dance and people around me are okay with my steps😜😜😜.

Well,  Yesterday night I and family went to a party. So many people were there and most of them were Punjabi. Now, let me tell you one big fact about Punjabis, they are great at heart and always ready to dance🤓🤓.

So, here it goes. They called me to the stage, ooh… I forgot to tell one fact about me- Only the music should be loud and clear, no matter which language it is, 😎😎😎 I am ready to dance💃.

Therefore, when they called me I went on the stage. I danced, danced and danced💞💞💞. Many small children were dancing with me. And they were very happy with my steps and dance moves.

Well, there everyone appreciated me for my dancing skill. But, the most wonderful to hear from the “Baccha party”(small innocent children)💝💝.

And now, the most important thing- THE FOOD😛😛😛

It was delicious and fab. Chicken, mutton, and fish all three👌👌👌. The taste was awesome. Ice-cream and coffee. I don’t have words for the food part🍛🍜🍧.

Frankly speaking, I don’t even know the family where I went yesterday😜, But yes, it was fun. I attended the party after a long time, so, it was double excitement.


Welcome back guys on Interesting Sunday…!!!🙋

Today I saw a dream, I was sitting on a roller coaster and the speed was brisk I went upside down🙆. I was about to fell off the roller coaster. And I woke jitter. 

Well, that time I thought to make a post on the roller coaster and their types, that take your all attention. Many of us like to enjoy the rides and want to involve in every type of rides whether it is SKYDIVING or BUNGEE JUMPING or ROLLER COASTER or many more.

So, today I made up the list of 5 ROLLER COASTER that is amazing:- 😱😱



I count it on number 5. Universal Studios Singapore is the only Universal Studios amusement park to have a Battlestar Galactica roller coaster. The coasters, which opened in 2010, can reach 42.5 meters (139 ft) in height and are the tallest dueling coasters in the world. Fantastic right…!!!


Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio, USA-Wicked Twister tourism destinations

During 2017, it is the tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster in the world. Wicked Twister has many safety systems installed because it passes the station multiple times, and at high speeds. I count it on top 5 because it will make you scream out of fear during the ride.


1200px-AltonTowers-Oblivion      hqdefault

The ride opened as ‘the world’s first vertical drop roller coaster’ in 1998. With a maximum speed of 68 mph, it is the third fastest roller coaster in the UK. It will feel that you are having a free fall on the surface of the earth.


maxresdefault      92e12f1452a7ea8855b7bc59f1ede521

Strap into the harness and the giant rubber-band like cables will pull nice and taut, like a giant invisible hand pulling back that slingshot.  Then suddenly you are released and go shooting in the air like a bullet, straight up 220 feet into the sky. Of course, what goes up must come down, and you’ll plummet back down into a straight 90-degree free fall! Sounds so interesting. 



I have a reason why this ride is taking the first position.Two trains to be loaded at the same time, thus increasing the ride’s capacity. It takes people on a 3,359-foot-long (1,024 m) roller coaster ride above the park, reaching top speeds of 56 miles per hour (90 km/h). The train then drops to a point just above a body of water, at the same time making a certain degree to hit the water. 

P.S:- These were my list. I would love to hear from you guys if you have some more names on your list. Please add up in the comment section. 🤟✌

Knowledgeable Wednesday 😇😇

We all have heard, “Don’t worry about the source, just acquire the knowledge”. 

So, I think most of the blogger used to read more and more to enlist their knowledge. I would love to make them happy by sharing some post that is knowledgeable.

Did you know, which is the largest living animal in the world? 🤔

I know, some of you know the answer. And for some of you who didn’t know…


With the largest living animal, Blue Whales also take place in the longest-living animals on the planet. The largest and the longest…Wow… 😂😂😂


They are usually between 80 and 105 feet and weigh up to 200 tons.

A blue whale’s body is flat and broad. They can swim at a speed of up to 25 miles per hour.😦

There is some uncertainty about the biggest blue whale ever found, as most data came from blue whales killed😤 in Antarctic waters during the first half of the twentieth century.

Females are generally a few feet longer than males… Wo ho…👧 That’s cool… However, males may be slightly heavier on average than females of the same length,👦 owing to heavier muscles and bones… Okay…!!!

Well, this was just one fact I discussed here. I would love to write more about new and general facts… As I will continue this on every Wednesday… Stay blessed…😃




I was 5 and I used to think that, getting chocolates or toys is the biggest gift. I become very happy every time my parent bought me a gift, whether the “Shaka-Laka-boom-boom” pencil 📝  or a cycle with extra 2 safety tire. 🛴

I think during that period I used to laugh at all stupid acts or jokes. I never tried to judge the situation whether to laugh or not. I remember my brother used to dance very annoyingly, but I used to laugh out of my throat. 😂

Then, I became mature. I was able to judge the situation of happiness…  I was able to know “if” then how much to laugh? Whether a little bit or laugh out loud? 🤷

Now, I just went on calculating the probability of my laugh, and the timer for laughing shows,“TIMES UP…!!!” 

Laughing cannot be equated on balance sheet paper. It does not require any algorithm. It is free and we have all rights to utilize it.

One day we all will become old and will think, 🙇 “Maybe we would have lived our life happily…!!! But no, due to the pressure and sucking life, we are going to die unhappily.”

Let’s try to change our future. Start laughing. Being happy. Loving more.

Start today. 👆

P.S:- Don’t calculate before laughing… Laughter is the best medicine. So, laugh out loud…!!!





Hey guys… I am going to start a new journey by posting some interesting post on every Sunday.

This is the first post of that journey, so I wanted to keep it simple but interesting. I am sure most of us are interested in watching movies.

Well, movies are also distinguished in many different categories, like, Romantic, Suspense, Horror, New, old, Entertaining, Slow, Fiction…. etc, etc, etc…  But what we are starting, is the movies that are entertaining. Take out paper and start noting down.

So, here it is…

Top 5 Bollywood movies one must watch:-  


Recently, I hooked up with this movie and it has taken the first position on the list. I can’t relocate it to 2nd position or on the 3rd. It is the best movie. I recommend all of the readers to watch this movie…

images (5)

This is a real-life story about a man, who lived in a village. When he got to know, his wife is using dirty clothes instead of a Pad, during her Menstruation time, he was shocked. The villagers are very poor to buy the pad, he, therefore, done something that made everyone proud. He stood up for his wife and for every village women.

2)Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

Coming on the 2nd position, yes, it deserves this particular place. Without any second thought.


Are you a traveling worm? Or a collector of best movies? Or the one who knows the real meaning of friendship? Or just a human…!!! Whoever you are, You must watch this movie. It is entertaining and inspirational one. I am sure you will get some of the quotes from this movie, similar to yourself. After watching this movie, I am sure you will also make a list to go on vacation…as I did.

Moving on to number three…


I know, most of you can relate this movie to your best / epic/ awesome etc… movie list. 😉 One of the movies which filch all your attention.


The story revolves around a small village whose inhabitants, burdened by high taxes. The villagers heard the name of the game,”CRICKET”, but never played it. Well, when given a deal to win the Cricket and their tax will be removed, what they did have no words. “Teamwork and hard work both are important”- what it says.


This movie is inspired by, Chetan Bhagat’s 5 point someone. This movie won 6 Filmfare awards.


The film is about the friendship of three students at an Indian engineering college and is a satire about the social pressures under an Asian education system. Above all, it is the friendship centered movie. watch it with your friends. Also, how the worst situation can be, if their college lecturer or principal are not coordinating with their student.


“Last but not the least”, best suits here. This is a movie, about a girl who went for her honeymoon ALONE.

download (1)

You will be amazed by the way she managed to live in foreign all alone. Before leaving her house she was an introvert girl, no self-confidence, the one who can’t resist. But only one trip made her life the opposite way. She made friends. She became confident about herself. This movie inspired most of the girl who thinks she can’t do anything.

So here it ends the Top 5 list. Well, there may be more dozens of movies that you want to replace with this 5. But, I must say, this list is one of the best, I could have made.

Hope you enjoyed the reading. I will continue this journey and try to make your Sunday’s reading more entertaining and interesting.  Till then, “Keep reading”.