And there it ended

It is not easy for me to maintain this relationship with you”– He

“But we used to live together from several years. We will maintain this. I know.” -She

“Please try to understand my situation. I will not be able to maintain this relationship from distance.” -He

“But why not? I trust you, and so do you. Then what it will take, to maintain this?”She

“See, I love you, but I am not going to come and meet you for months’. I will not be able to give you my time. And maybe I will not be able to talk to you for a week or so. We will not be happy. Just think and then response” -He

“In my life I just have you and if you still ask me for a response then this is really stupid of you. You are my life BETA(son).” -She

“That I know MA(mother), but you only tell me, after going to the USA, I will be far and will not able to come and see you. I think this is a better option that you will move  with me.” She

“No son, it is not that easy to leave the place where my childhood belongs, where your father and I met and got married. The place where I spent my 67 years with different phase- happy, sad, emotional. I saw you growing here.” -She

“But Ma, if I will leave you here, I will not be happy there. See, if my father was alive, I would have left you. But in this condition- NO” -He

“Son, I don’t want to be a burden for you or your wife.” -She

“Seriously MA?…. Burden???” – He

“I just don’t want to leave INDIA.” -she 

“Are you sure? I should leave you alone here and go?” – He

“Yes, Son.” -She


Next morning he dropped a mail to his manager-

Hi Ratan,

I thought about the promotion you offered to me.  But you know I just have 3 members in my family, and I don’t want to leave any one of them behind. If I will agree to move to the USA, my mother is not going to come with me. So, I apologize for denying your offer.

I am sure you will understand my situation. 

Thank you



Te Amo💝💝💝

“I was in school at that time when I received the first Love Letter.

Yes, I was in class 9th.😂

I was happy to see someone love me but I was 10 times more nervous to see what is coming towards me.” said Surbhi.

“Well, I never received any love letter. In fact, there was no one who ever loved me. I tried to date but I was friend zoned or bro zoned.😏😏😏”– Zen

This is the scenario when a couple has this conversation.

Zen- “But what destiny did is totally different things. You are stuck with me.😂😂”

Surbhi- “Yes, and spent quite a lot years with you.💝💝💝”

Zen- “You remember how we spent our college life…!!! The love, the romance and our fights💝💝💝💝

Surbhi- “Yes, of course, I remember. How you come to meet me so far at my hostel.”

Zen- “And even that you keep fighting with me.😏😏😏”

Surbhi- “I was the one who was fighting?😐😐😐”

Zen- “No. It was always 😋😋 ME.”

Both smiled.💝💝💝

Zen- “I am going to sleep keeping all the good memories in my mind. The relationship which we both share.😊😊 The good and bad gossips we had. The closeness which we share, which is a wall for any 3rd person to enter in our life.😍😍😍”

Surbhi- “When we both wanted to marry, but our religion made us different. But still, we fought for our love and convinced our family.😊😊😊”

Zen- “We had our first baby girl, Suren😍. We loved her, with all our heart. We had our 2nd baby boy, Zehi😍. I still remember how both of them keep fighting. But now, both respect and love each other a lot.😊”

Surbhi- “We saw our grandson smiling, crying, laughing and dancing😊. We saw how our daughter-in-law came into our lives and our daughter went to another’s life😊😊😊”

Zen- “Yes, with all these good memories I am going to close my eyes.😀😀”

Zen kissed Surbhi.💝💝💝💝

Zen- “Like we always have the good night kiss from last 64 years😘😘😘. I love you.”

Surbhi- “I love you too. We Really Enjoyed Our Life…!!!💝

Both lied down in the hospital bed.


Next morning


Nurse- “I am so sorry, we tried our best, but they are no more.”

Zehi- “Yesterday you told both are out of danger, then how?”

Nurse- “We are also not getting this.”

THE END ~~~~


Hello Friends…!!!😍😍

I know we all want a love story the same I wrote. 😍But miracles never happen in a relationship. If you really want a good ending you should give your effort.

Love your loved ones and be the reason for their smile.😇😇

Keep writing. 😀😀😀

If Question Paper speaks….!!!!😋😋

Hey friends…💝💝💝

Welcome to my blog😇😇😇

Well, I read many people are going to have exams from next week and so👓. I thought why not to have a post regarding this… and here it is, TA-DA.😆😆😆

The question paper / He: “Today I am going to ask you everything that you forgot to cover…”

Me: “Oh, my god…!!! Please don’t do this to me… Please”

He: “There are 7 questions in section 1 and…”

Me (Thinking): “Oh, That’s great. I have to attempt only 5 then… Yes…!!!😇😇”

He: “And you have to attempt all 7😋”

Me: “Wow, Then why it was needed to say??? It was understood to attempt all….”


After a few minutes:

He: “In the next set you have to attempt only 6 questions in a total of….. 7 questions”

Me with rude mood: “Really? Thanks for the concession😒😒”

He: “Start writing, time is running and you have to attempt many questions”

He: “You read that chapter no. 11th?”

Me: “Just the half chapter, the 2nd half was difficult for me”

He: “Okay your next question is then from the 2nd half only.😋😋😋”

Me (irritated): “Arrrgghhh…!!!😒😒😒”


Again after a few minutes:

Me: “I know this topic but I forgot….!!!”

He: Smiling

Me: “Can you help me with this, I read the topic but I forgot the exact number and name.”

He: “Yes, sure why not… I can give you 4 options for you.”

  • 00231 – villlage
  • 00231 – village
  • 00232 – vlllage
  • 00232 – village”

Me: “Seriously? Every option is so similar…!!!😒”

He with a cruel smile: “But I am helping you.”

Me: “Let it be…!!!! It was my fault to ask from you. Leave.”


In the last few minutes:

He: “Are you sure the thing you are writing is even related to the question asked?”

Me: “Just shut up. I am concentrating…. (Writing writing and writing, but all the useless things…!!!)😋😋😋”

He: “Okay, I think you are going to fail. You need my help, but with a deal? “

Me with shining eyes: “Yes…!!! I will do anything. But help me.”

He with a cruel smile: “In the next set of long question’s section, I have the same data of 5 multiple choice question’s answer.”

Me (Turning the pages): “Wow😃😃”

He (Stopped me): “The deal is: You have to promise me, that after the exam you will not tear me in pieces, it hurt man. It pains a lot.”

Me in excitement: “Sure sure. You don’t worry, I will not tear you. I promise.😃”


So, guys…!!!

Here it is, what happens when you don’t study nicely for the exam. So, prepare well so that this scenario does not take place with you. 😂😂😂

Keep reading and writing. Take care. Love you all.😍😍

And then… It happened😃😃

Hiiiii my dear lovely friends👋👋👋

I am extremely happy 😀to say that finally, something good happened in my life.😇😇

Now the rain has stopped and the rainbow is showing.😍😍😍

The night went and the morning shines.😊😊😊

I know, this is not going to be a great news for each and every reader, but for those who are connected with me, they know how I was facing the bad situation in my life. 😇😇

I am really thankful to everyone who was there with me in my bad time. I assure you that if you need me, I am with you.😊

Today I got some good news and it was mandatory to share that with you people.

God bless you all 😇😇and keep your love and support 😊open for everyone.

Ending this post with a smile😃 and with a hope that everything will be smooth from now.

End leads to Bend…👍👍👍

“Stay Strong and calm till the End,

Every turning point takes place after a certain bend…!!!”💝💝💝


Some people have mailed me, that I am writing only motivated post nowadays… Why is it so? Is anything not going well? And all.

First of all, Thank you guys for your love and care, because I know at a certain level you guys are there for everyone.😊😊😊

Yes, I am going through some personal problem, and yes, it is tough for me.

But I am working hard to defeat it. Time will change for sure and I am eagerly waiting for my good time…

Thank you for all your blessings and Love…💞💞💞