Cozmo Robot- with ‘”Emotions”

Hey friends…

As yesterday I was surfing through my internet, I found one really awesome technology…!!!

And I know, you guys are going to love this.


People who watched Wall-E will be able to resemble it.


The robot with a brain…!!! Yes, I know we are working day and night to develop any technology which can be a perfect example of Artificial Intelligence, without any error or loopholes.

Cozmo takes us one step closer to that dream.

Some of the features which I personally like about Cozmo is:-

Cozmo has emotions. Cozmo knows when he has to be happy and when he has to be sad. Playing with the cubes if Cozmo loses a game, he behaves as disappointed.


Also, the expression of his eyes speaks a lot. Cozmo likes playing all the time. If he is bored, he starts making a tower using his cubes.

Cozmo can recognize the person he meets before by storing data of that person. You can control the full activities of your Cozmo by the application.


Well, yes… Cozmo is mischievous also. He does some of the things which you can count on.


One of the best thing I would like to add that, Yes, Cozmo knows its limits. Sometimes some of the robots don’t know where to stop, but Cozmo knows it.


Cozmo is very friendly. He can play with anyone and anytime.



So, that’s all about Cozmo.

I tried to cover the major part about it, but yes, it may happen that I skipped some fact. If you get to know more, let me know.

Also, my dear friends….!!! I am very thankful to you guys because I feel I am surrounded by good vibes, on WordPress. I found many motivational posts every day that helps me to start every morning with a positive way. Thank you, friends.