Chennai- Come to south “India”.

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India is a country in Soth Asia. Seventh largest country by area. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal.

From top Himalaya to bottom Kanyakumari, India has colorful wings.

Why should you visit Chennai?

Recently I came from south India. The experience was so comfortable that I would love to visit Chennai one more time. I would like to share my feelings with you guys.

Beach lovers are welcome

Yeah, beach lovers get ready for the awesome blossom tides with full of high and low waves. The tides will make your day. You can walk around and enjoy the waves. The wind is so cold and cheerful, it will make all your tension blow. We went at the time of dawn. We enjoyed a lot and were almost wet.

People will love you

The best part is when you get caring and friendly people around you. Yes, that is what there in Chennai. The people love the tourist. I met new people and all were so good and helped me in the new city while traveling and reaching the destination.

Tradition is most important

Well, India is known for its tradition. And we can clearly see that in Chennai. The people follow their tradition by heart. Girls wear half saree and suit with a ‘Gajra’, (the flower) on their hair. Men wear ‘dhoti’, (long cloth generally white in color) and kurta. You will enjoy watching them.

Girls are safe

Yes, What I observed about girls, that they are safe and can enjoy of their own. I was so free and happy.

Locations are breathe taking

You heard the right thing, the locations are awesome. Chennai is a very old city, which makes the buildings and monuments look like the palace. If you just walk by, you will see many monuments. Well, many new buildings are made that are so high.

Can enjoy delicious food

If you are foody, this is the perfect place to taste many different varieties of food. ‘Idli’, ‘dosa’, ‘sambhar’, ‘Wada’ and many delicious foods that I enjoyed in 3 days. While walking near the beach I had a food item, ‘Mirchi-pakoda’,  (chili fried) and that was awesome.


I personally felt that Chennai is a place where you should go for at least one time, to enjoy the beauty and nature.





The story behind my name #MAGGIE


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I know it sounds really different that my title is ” Story behind my name #Maggie”.

You might be thinking it is just because I used to eat a lot of maggie so my friends named me. This is the half part, the other part is more interesting.

I live in Kolkata. The place which is known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries, and cultural festivals. And beside all these our college’s most famous food and that is, “maggie bhaja”. It’s really delicious.

From here the story begins. Whenever my friends ask me what I had for my lunch, dinner or breakfast. The only answer I gave was..”Maggie bhaja”. You might be thinking that ‘Maggi is not good for health, that you always used to eat it’. I would like to say,”yes..! Maggi is not good for each and every meal. But sometimes you can eat it.”

“Hey who are you, I ordered first and you came late” I shouted at the boy who took the plate of my maggi bhaja from the hand of the aunty from the dhaba, where we went.

“I am hungry and I can’t wait for more, please let me have it” he begged.

“No, I am hungry too. I will not give this plate to you” I refused. Suddenly aunty came and gave another plate of maggi bhaja.

Unknowingly I left the plate and that plate fell down. “You stupid” he shouted. “Why you left the plate?”

“I thought to give you the particular one and have the other” I answered.

Again we both attacked the next plate. After arguing for more than 10 minutes. We decided to eat from the same plate and so we did. The boy who was not known to me. I didn’t even know his name, but we shared the same maggi bhaja.

“So ma’am, what is your name,” he asked in a gentle way. “Maggi” I said and smiled. “And you are”

“Bhaja” he laughed. We both started smiling at each other. His eyes were so beautiful. I started staring into his eyes. “Eat Maggi otherwise I will have the whole plate,” he said.

He noticed me that I was watching him. His voice, his nature it was so noticeable that I noticed each and everything. I think it’s “love”… the only word I said. He started smiling and said “ma’am have your part of maggi bhaja because I ate my part”.. I was staring at him. He was there in front of me till I ate.

The Same moment my friends turn up and they began to make fun. The boy went with a  handshake. But I wanted to know his name, his information, everything.

I ran out of the dhaba to see where he went. But he was not within my range. My eyes were thoroughly finding him. I wanted to talk to him. But my eyes were unable to catch his glimpse

That was the only day I met him. Even today also I pray to God to just make my way to his place. Also from that moment, my dear and devil friends announced my name as maggie. And from that time, at first my friend, then classmates, then half of the college and at last the whole college started calling me @maggie.

And so I became the most famous #MAGGIE of our college. Maybe that day was not in support of me but still, it gave me a memorable name. And I am thankful for this.

I am Sorry



“Yeah, I know what’s your character.”, “Oooh, She is a fucking bitch”,”Oh My God..she is not a virgin”,”Why are you going out this late?”

I am sorry that I went to the movie late night. I am also sorry for what I used to wear.  I am sorry that I danced the whole night in the party.  I am sorry that I used to go alone to the market. I apologize that I thought the person is my uncle. I am sorry that I was drunk.  I am sorry that I took a long time to say,”Sorry”.Yes, I am sorry because I was unknown how to react.

Yes, I am sorry because I was not knowing how to react to these circumstances. I am sorry not to answer to your actions yesterday. But today, I feel guilty. I feel sad that I had to skip your deed. Because I was mentally weak but not physically.

When I wore shorts and mini skirt I was not confident to kick your ass. I am a dancer and I can dance for the whole night but when you put your finger on me, I behaved softly. I forgot that If I can dance for the whole night, that means I can break your bones and finger with that same stamina.

when I used to go alone and hear your unhealthy comments on me and my body parts I would have shown you what a simple girl can do to you. I would have shouted at you and a slap is enough for you people. But I forgot that and had the fear of my family. I forgot that my family will support me.

When I was drunk and you tried to get on me, I would have punched on your main part. But I didn’t. Because I forgot that I was just drunk and not out of my mind. I forgot that I am free and independent and I have promised myself that I will take care of myself in any situation.

When uncle used to call me and ask me to sit on his lap, with many hesitations I used to. While I was a child but what he was doing was known to me. But I forgot that if I will speak up and share this with my parents they would have helped me. I had a fear of something that I don’t know.

I was not weak, I was just freaking out with the situations. Why I will fear from them who don’t fear from me. Those who never give respect to anyone, those who never feel that girls are also human. Why we have to wait for the correct person to come and make everything fine for us. Why..?

I am a girl. I can understand every situation and can overcome it. I can work day and night. I can do anything. I bleed every month and then also on the next day I look healthy and fit. I carry another life in my womb and for 9 long months. I give birth to a baby which can even take my life. The pain is unexplainable and I overcome that pain. I cry I laugh, I make fun. I am different for you guys. You don’t count me in your category, neither you count me as an independent one.

I am good enough to make me proud.  I have the willpower. When I can choose the way of life I want to live I can also guide myself to the best women. I can fight back because I am strong. I am a girl and I am proud of it.