My mom dad’s arranged cum Love marriage….!!!

Well, Love story?😁😁😁

I know it is hard to believe, but it is true- My mom and dad have not seen even the pictures of each other before marriage. 😜😜😜

But after the marriage, everyone thought it is a love-marriage.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


Yes, I am going to tell that part also.😁

Well, at that time my father used to go to Asansol(92 km away from my place) for his job. And my mom’s uncle house was there.Β 

Also, my mom’s uncle was also in the same occupation, like my dad.Β 

So, that uncle was the mediator of the marriage. But due to the reason that the marriage took place from Asansol, everyone thought that “Both are in love and he comes to Asansol to meet her. They are in love for years and years…”😜😜😜

Well, my mom doesn’t live there in Asansol, but Peopllleee… They made the story and which was plotted nicely. Then what, everyone there took that marriage as- “Love Marriage”😁😁😁

That was not enough, my father’s family also started to take this marriage as Love marriage and due to which they thought of questioning my dad.Β 

Therefore just before marriage, my grandmother had a conversation with my dad

Grandma- “Everyone is talking that this is a love marriage. Is it true?”

Dad- “No. I don’t even know how she looks. How you thought about love. This is not true. If you agree then only I will marry otherwise I will not…”

Then what my grandmother has to believe my dad.Β 

And the “Arranged marriage” took place.

But people now also believe that they had “LOVE-MARRIAGE”…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

11 thoughts on “My mom dad’s arranged cum Love marriage….!!!

  1. Hmmmm too bad in India love is a sin only love can be done after marriage with the one who is decided by family for him or her… How come this can be love, this is like giving a toy to the man or women to fall in love because life is to be spent with him her only…. Marriage is bondage not a freedom for the soul.. Love exists in the complete freedom…

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    1. Yes, but the thing is after marriage they fall in love and which is totally beautiful.
      I think we are not to judge any situation. I am with love marriage too, but if some of them still have faith in arrange marriage, I think this is beautiful in their own way…!!!

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      1. Yes, it may happen that after marriage people may fall in love…but not so correct to say out of 100 all 100 will fall in love only after marriage… Seems little complicated system… haha but even not in love they need to act because after-all it is India.. once married have to live, love and be happy with the same…. πŸ™‚


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