All Little Things

He: Why you Love me? There are thousands of people, then why me? What is special in me?


“Baby, your smile that counts on me,

Your care and love, that sometimes you break down for me,

Your all little things that make no sense,

But yes, I love them all deep and dense.


I know you want a perfect reason for your pride,

I know you don’t like the imperfect side,

Your dimples that make my mood all fine,

Your talks and hugs, yes, make me shine.

I don’t want to count all these little things,

But if I do, it’s all that I loved about you.


You always wanted to dance like a pro,

And to sing songs out of your heart, to and fro.

That’s the reason you sing the whole night, 

I listen to them and keep as a secret which is totally alright.

Well, these little things are not countable,

But I love them endlessly and with no regrettable.


There are more thousands of little things,

I always loved and respected deep from my heart,

You are Perfect, O boy for me,

With you, I can be with my true smile, 

I know these little things are not your pride,

But I love them from more than a while.”

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