“Be free from fear…

Be fearless and have faith in DIVINE…!!!”

Why we people are so afraid of God or almighty?

When we all know that the Almighty is our friend…!!! People are afraid and most of the Pandita take benefit of it.

I don’t understand if you have faith in God, why you need a broker in between?

See, don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you should not believe in God, I just mean to say that Love and have faith, don’t fear from the Almighty.

In India, worship is turning into a business. A business where common people like you and me are wasting our money and other part is totally misguiding us.

Always remember, no God wants us to do Hawans, or go to the Dargah, or to light up candles inside the Church…!!!

Our Almighty need our love, faith, and worship from our pure heart.

I believe in my God. I know that a positive energy is there, that is beyond our imagination.

Love your God, Don’t fear…!!!

18 thoughts on “FAITH-broker-GOD

  1. Rightly said.. When we have faith there’s no need of a broker.. But In our country it is difficult to make the people understand the logic.. They are just into a belief that they want a medium(broker) to reach the God.

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  2. A church /can/ be a place for a group of people to worship together, never mind that there is a preacher with a sermon, etc. I agree, though, that “tithing” (donating $$) is silly. My favorite avenue to spirituality is via the writings of Joseph Campbell.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more posts from you and other Indians re: God. Who would know better than you? Take care 😉

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