Happy Independence Day…

Today our country INDIA is celebrating freedom. 

For this freedom, India has lost millions of great freedom fighters. 

Well, I welcome you people to my country. The beautiful land where you can find the sky and sea in the same spot. The place of wonder. Taj Mahal, Ladakh, Sikkim and many more breath-taking places are here in India. 

The country where you can find every colour, every height of people living together as a brother, “Bhai-Bhai”…!!!

Hindu, Muslims, Christians and Sikh are the 4 bright side on the map of India. 

We people respect our country as “MA”,(mother).

I know that everything is not good here in India, but as we all know, nothing is perfect. So, our country India is. Little by little, step by step India is walking towards progress.

I am sure India will soon become the“Developed country”, because of the effort it is giving for a better future. 

“Happy Independence Day” to all Indians.

India’s National Flag is:-


The tricolour beauty with a chakra in the middle. Saffron, White and green. If you will examine you can see how beautifully each and every colour express themselves. 

Saffron colour take us to the time where we can see and visualize the strength and courage of the Freedom fighter, for our country. 

White with the chakra shows the peace and truth. That we people of this country, no matter what but live in peace. 

Green the colour itself speaks a lot. This colour means fertility, growth and auspiciousness of our country.

Well, One thing I want to add that we people are lucky to be born as a human. Don’t waste your value by fighting with each other. There are many more things to do for this country and for mankind. 

32 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day…

  1. Hurrah for Indian independence! …Off the top of your head, do you know how many Indian rhinos still live in the forests? They must be near extinction. Such prehistoric-looking beasts… I can look it up myself, but I’d like for you to tell me.


    1. Dear, every coin have 2 sides.
      If you always keep looking to the bad side, you will not be able to see the happiness ever…!!!
      For example, every invention science has ever created, there is harm as well. That doesn’t mean we should stop inventions. No…!!! but some people keep looking negative only, they are unlucky because they can’t see the good side.

      India is celebrating freedom today.

      Even if slavery is made of gold, can’t be compared to freedom.

      And dear if you are talking about the condition of a country, neither is Perfect. It’s the people who make it perfect.


      1. You have a point, of course. Look, you Indians ought to take pride in your natural assets as well, such as rhinos, elephants, tigers, cobras, etc, etc. Remember the post you made about blue whales? I think you are overreacting to my comment.


  2. देश कि बोली लगाई देशद्रोहीयों नें
    साक्ष्य माँगे सेना के शौर्य पे
    मनोबल तोड़ते
    सियासत कि रोटी के लिए
    छप्पन इंच सिना भी सत्ता में सिमट गया
    हम कड़ी निंदा करते है
    गर्व है हमें इनकी सहादत पर
    इनका नेता कह गया

    आपको स्वतंत्रता दिवस कि बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएँ!!!!! जय हिन्द!!!!

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