40 thoughts on “Family in a single word?

      1. Oh, I’m doing fine myself. But I studied PTSD in college, so I’ve heard lots of stories of people who had very bad experiences with their families. I feel sad when I think about those things, even though my own family has always been good to me.

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  1. And that’s life, my friend. Thanks for having a think about it. Sorry if I was too honest. To answer my own question: my brother maybe, when he’s not being an arrogant capitalist. He contradicts himself. Likes to think he’s a hippie but values wealth and possessions too much. He still surprises me sometimes, tho. People change over time… Where do you see yourself in five years, Shreya? Ten years? Then when you get there, look back and take stock. Is this what you expected?

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  2. It’s still a matter of opinion, not so much fact. Also, of personal experience with one’s own family. It’s not predictable from any one family how all families are going to be. Like with my brother and sister and my condition of having schizophrenia: my brother’s attitude changed over time, so that we’re friends. But my sister? I haven’t spoken with her in a year. Probably she will have changed, too — but in what ways? I couldn’t predict without evidence… Your argument is still in good company. Don’t be so quick to abandon it! πŸ˜€

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