Really arduous to talk about it.

But I will. I will raise my voice against the CRIME.

Does Rape just means “the attack on Girl”? NO.

It means more than that. It means you are showing your standard. What is your mentality? What is your upbringing? How you think? What type of education you got? On what state you are? How you see the world?

I know, you will think why am I stuck today on this particular topic?

Yes, I have an answer. And not a single one, I have a list of it.

A 3 months old girl got raped by her own uncle. 

She even doesn’t know what happens to her? She can’t even cry properly and she got RAPED. How that moron even thought to rape that small baby?


Sorry. Not only a 3 months old girl but a 99 years old lady got raped.

99 years old lady…!!! Seriously?

I read that the neighbor boy who was just 22 years old raped that lady. During her rape, she died but the boy does not stop.

I mean, how they even think of raping a girl? If she is not a girl, she is a lady. Doesn’t matter. Just rape her.

The above 2 situations are the boundary for a girl when she is newly born and she is going to die. If the morons are not leaving us on the boundary how they can leave us in the middle stage.

Not forgetting the DAMINI matter. What was her fault?

Ooo… I know her fault. She was a girl…!!! The biggest fault. Remembering how badly she was raped. At first, she endure the gang rape, then a pipe was inserted into her vagina.

Every single day girls are being raped.

Yesterday I read that a girl was raped inside the Temple. The pure place is also taken by them. For 8 days she was stuck there, crying, waiting to run away. But she failed. She was continuously raped by the gang of several people. Lastly found her dead body thrown on the outskirts of the area.

I have listed only a spoon of a list from the ocean.

Well, now I fear. Am I safe here?

What if tomorrow they will try on me or try on your sister, mother, grandmother? I fear about it.

Walking on the street I fear if a single or group of people are standing. No matter it is day or night. Yes, during the night the fear is just multiplied by 100 times.

Standing on the bus I fear. If they start misbehaving with me. And I will shout or slap them. Later they will kidnap me.

Every foot I keep is full of fear.

The CRIME is increasing day by day.

Making an environment of fearful one for the girl.

93 thoughts on “RAPE…

      1. Humanity is at the threshold, on the boundary, it can be saved or things will go more worst… Individual transformation is needed…

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  1. I totally understand what it feels like to be a girl questioning her safety after all the things going on around her. I believe in boys education the way I believe in girls education. It may be too late to correct the men because you really have no idea what they have been feeding their mind and conscience with but I beleive that this is the right time to raise a new generation of young people to become responsible and respectful, especially the young boys.Meanwhile, great post. Stay safe ❤

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    1. I totally agree with you.
      Education. This is the only medium I find for a better upbringing.
      Teach the son how to behave with girls.
      I agree that it is never too late.
      We should start from today. But we have to start…!!!

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  2. So sad 😦 each word of your post is full of pain, the pain of those who have suffered these situations…This well-educated well managed, high-class anpadh ganwar society is totally responsible for this kind of happening…
    Sex is such a simple phenomenon. Why did he have to go to such lengths to fulfil such a simple desire? There is no lack of men or women, there is no necessity for anybody to rape…But the way the society has been against sex, they have made it a serious problem…The society goes on making human very serious about sex. It goes on making a person to repress energies. There is a limit to repression; after that limit, the energy takes over. Whenever a man commits rape, he is not in his senses, for the simple reason that the rape cannot help him to solve his problem. The rape cannot give him the joy that his whole physiology is asking for. Rape cannot give him the warmth, the love, the receptivity that he needs. It is simply not the answer to his need…
    But this well-managed society with sanskars have left no other ways. They have forced the man into such a condition that he simply explodes like a volcano. Seeing a woman in a lonely spot he forgets the consequences. He forgets hell, God, The Bible, church, court, constitution; he forgets everything. He is not in his real self, he is not himself; he becomes almost like an animal…

    And this is not a way of making love: the woman is screaming, she is shouting and trying to escape. You can call it a fight, you cannot call it love. And he forces himself upon the woman by sheer physical violence. He interferes with the independence of another human being and he gets nothing out of it – he gets castration or fifty years of imprisonment. This is the orgasm that he gets. And the society is responsible for the whole thing: the court and the judge and the law – they all represent the society…
    This is a very cunning way of destroying individuals. On one hand, society forces them to be criminals, on the other hand, society is ready to punish them. But that punishment does not seem to be compassionate; the punishment seems to be a kind of revenge. If the man has raped, and that is a crime, then the judge who orders his castration – in what category are you going to put that judge? He is not in any way different from a rapist. The society is taking revenge. The society is not being fair, it has not looked into the whole phenomenon…

    Change at the individual level is required you me and everyone is part of this society and somewhere responsible for society to exist… No education no punishment can stop this kind of happening, it is not from last one or two years it is going on from last thousands of years, women are always being tortured/harmed sexually by man…
    This society is so selfish everyone is focusing on making doctors, engineers and businessmens but no one ever has thought to give right education for self-awakening to their children’s… It seems useless if to parents to give self-awakening education to show them right path, even it will be wrong to say that it is parents mistake because they also got same from their parents… the whole system is going wrong… no one ever talks to redirect human energies into the right direction of awakening, so-called religions are most responsible for this, it teaches in the very beginning to believe and believe simply in personal gods and somewhere it is closing the doors for one to find the truth by using these natural energies given by nature… rather than giving right direction’s society and religion have always closed the doors and result is excess energy always let unconscious man to go through this kind of crimes…

    Individually one need to think consciously about it and have to take right steps, you, me and we all are the part of this society, saying oh sad happened after reading or seeing news on TV won’t make a change in society, the change is required right now right here within you within each and every individual….

    Being a man, I will try my best to make the right effort at my level rest is all up to you what type of surrounding you want in your life for your family and loved ones…

    I am really sorry for long comment…. Was not able to keep quiet…. maafi chahta hun agar koi word bura laga ho kisi reader ko…

    Great post, keep writing Shreya Sukrity… 🙂

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  3. जिन्स पहनने से रेप हुआ
    अब हिजाब वालों को भी नहीं छोड़ा
    रात को बाहर जाने से रेप हुआ
    अब तो घर के अंदर वालों को भी नहीं छोड़ा


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      1. Don’t say beautiful lines because it is a feeling of that girl who are suffering from the pain of rape. I’m very disappointed that how men or anyone can raped a child in mosques or temples……क्या हवस कि कोई सीमा नहीं है????………But Miss. Shreya I appreciate your way of writing. Keep it up.

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      2. Totally agree.
        This is the worst ever feeling that someone has been raped.
        But the rapist never understands this. This is fun for them

        I really thank you dear for appreciation. But now it’s time that anyone should start talking about this.

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  4. I am ashamed and deeply saddened… the direction in which the society is heading towards requires a massive change.. it is collapsing.. it is failing ! I wish things change soon and for good. I wish everyone feels safe irrespective of the place, time or gender.. I wish!!

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  5. Very painful and emotionally written Over the concept rape…which is really heinous crime…and turns fear…beauty of life destroys like hell…keep writing this is sensitive
    Matter..where life ruins over the dirty mindsets of people …raise the voice…keep writing friend!

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    1. Thank you, dear, Ravindra.
      I really appreciate your words.
      Yes, the human is turning into wild animals.
      Hope anyone or somewhere on earth someone will regret and stop thinking about RAPE.


  6. The man who moans that society is repressing him- well, I am sometimes short of money. Should I then go and take some, forcibly, from a person who has earned their sum? Sexual intercourse is not a given. I am seven years a widower. I do not fulfill my lack, at the expense of a woman or child. These males who place such stock in the sexual ads in the media deserve no mercy, when ruining the life of a child or killing an elder. The media would do well to tone it down, but that is not the fault of the justice system.

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  7. Every word of your post felt as a slap on me (I take it as the “Indian man”). I feel ashamed that because of men, you have to live in fear. We are just embarrassed not to raise our heads in front of you.

    However I and all other men who care, we promise you that we would always be with you whenever your modesty would be under threat. I apologise to you and all other girls who are living in the same fear. The eyes are with tears to see the girls of my country in so much of pain. Yes, we failed Nirbhaya, we failed Asifa but we promise, we would always take a stand for you. We won’t just candle march but we would hold your hands when you’re in fear!

    We would be there !

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    1. Really a caring comment, I see.
      Thank you so much for your concern and care.
      Hope to see more and more Indians like you.
      India really needs men like your thinking.
      I appreciate the promise. I know, very less in number but there are people who actually care and think like you. But they are hidden.
      It’s time for all of us to be united.
      Thank you for the valuable comment, really means a lot.

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  8. It is a crime against men too, not just women. For look how it must make a woman slightly questioning about a newly encountered male. I think males must step up and put a stop to this. I do not know if it is worse in India — I hear about it everywhere. I sometimes wonder if the web and popular culture is making atrocity seem less unacceptable to people, and so they commit these acts more freely.

    Thanks for writing.

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  9. Shame on them 😡
    How can that thought even come? 😢
    Was it once or twice that we said this should end? Why does it continue?😪
    How many lives have we lost to this fate, this stupid fate?
    We need this to stop forever. I fear for the future generations if now, all these happen….

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  10. Women’s nd child ke against crime lagatar badh rahe hai. Nyay vyavastha kamjor hone ke sath bahut expensive bhi hai. Recently ghatnao ke bad naya kanun adhayadesh Jari Kiya gaya. Ye keval adhayadesh Jari hone ke bad hone Wali ghatnao pe lagu hoga. Es adhayadesh ko bhi kanun samjho. U to desh me bahut se kanun hai, magar koi kargar kanun nahi hai, kanun hai to uska anupalan nahi. Yah kahena ki kewal kanun banane se kuchh nahi hoga, ek had tak sahi lag sakta hai.


  11. We must work together as women to put a stop to this disgusting, atrocious behaviour. We must also raise our sons in the opposite way those scumbags have been raised.

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      1. Hi there. This sounds good but what is your website about? Do you give credit to the author along with a link to their blog?

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  12. Great effort of explain and explore ; the another and most important thing was Authority fails to implement the security issue of woman on ground level , this leads to grown these type of activity tremendously , on this time this type of authentic voice is really needed , well effort 👍

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