Quote 10 🀘🀘

Belief ALWAYS makes EVERY situation EASY

20 thoughts on “Quote 10 🀘🀘

    1. I am talking about your “self-confidence and not leaving the work without done no matter how difficult it is. Just believe in Yourself.” 😊😊
      Btw, please elaborate your view, I would love to know it, Prabhat☺☺

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      1. Yes, I totally believe in myself..
        Beliefs took us away from reality.
        && Believing in beliefs is lyk questioning ur self potential…
        Bcz as I said previously…. Scientific views attracts me more..(robotics 😊)… That’s why I do not believe in beliefs… Also beliefs restricts any change in our society. Instead of this I would lyk to believe in people… So..Bs.😊😊..@ss…
        And u 2oo .. never believe in beliefs…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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      1. Yea, that will help us, I gotta one more idea like a wikipedia, we willl form a group of bloggers and write on different topics thus we can have a very active blog and useful to others as well,, do you thin will work?

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