Hey friendsπŸ˜„, welcome to the new post of INTERESTING SUNDAY.

First of all, I am really SORRY for the delay in today’s post. I was busy with some college work.😭😭 

As I was so hungry after my work, I went to the best restaurant in my town. There I thought what if we can count on and see how many of us are there, who love visiting restaurantsΒ almost daily.Β 

Here is some list of unique restaurants where I will surely visit and enjoy the food. Make on your list too.😎😎



If you are a deep sea lover.Β  Never miss the chance to go this place, located in MALDIVES. πŸ˜‡It is built 5 m below sea level. The experience which you will get will be amazing. Resturant is surrounded by water all over. You will get to see different varieties of fishes swimming nearby. What a restaurant…!!!



As we discussed the deep sea, it is important to discuss on high air… πŸ˜‡In Dubai, this restaurant is feeding hungry people, not on the ground but 50 meters above it. I think people are more hungry to eat on that level rather than for food. You will have one of the best experience after visiting this restaurant.



What a breathtaking restaurant is this… πŸ‘ŒLocated inΒ the Philippines. A waterfall restaurant. You can enjoy food with your feet dancing on water. People enjoy by playing in the waterfall. I think we should go and enjoy both. The perfect plan for water body and food.



download (1)

Wow, πŸ‘Œisn’t so? This restaurant is located in MEXICO. A hanging restaurant, because half of the part is hanging without any support. This is the place where you will get a different level of excitement.Β 

That’s all for today.Β πŸ’•πŸ’•

Which one will be your destination?😎😎

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