Quote 3😎😎😎

It never gets easier… Instead, it’s you who became better…πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

It’s a very true line. I remember, when I got admissionΒ in my college, I was afraid of the devil one thing,πŸ“—“MATHS”.Β 

I never tried to open my maths book, and if I do so, it just takes 5 minutesΒ to close it.Β 

Eeggh… Please don’t judge me. It was not my fault. I tried my best to solve the math problem, but 10 times I tried and 9 times I got failed.Β 

There I meet a person who just loved solving problems… Like both are made for each other, numeric problems and him. He wasΒ is my teacher,” Mr. Kumar”. 😊

He helped me solving the probability chapter becauseΒ that was the one I feared the most.

I practiced with him, every questions 3 to 4 times, how to think about the given question, how to solve it, everything. Thank you, Kumar sir for your effort and belief.

And now I can say that Probability is the most entertaining chapter of mathematics. 😊

P.S:- If I can fight from my fear, you can definitelyΒ fight and win the war. Don’t try to make the difficulty level low, instead,Β make yourself better and just not fight but win the situation.πŸ‡

39 thoughts on “Quote 3😎😎😎

  1. I was always terrible in Math too.

    Sadly throughout my High School years, I had Math teachers who might have been good at Math personally but who didn’t know how to teach the subject to others.

    The one year I did have a really good Math teacher, I got 78% in the subject.

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      1. It’s really impressive…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
        I would like to share my story with you, as I have mentioned when I took admission in my B.Tech college, I was a weak student. But I got a teacher and by his grace, today I am also categorized as “9 pointers” girl.
        A good teacher is a base. 🀟🀟


      1. In high school 100/100 and in secondary 200/200 and in college S grade πŸ˜› it’s really easy..I was getting below 30/100 in 7t grade…you start loving and maths will be easy..

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