Hey guys… I am going to start a new journey by posting some interesting post on every Sunday.

This is the first post of that journey, so I wanted to keep it simple but interesting. I am sure most of us are interested in watching movies.

Well, movies are also distinguished in many different categories, like, Romantic, Suspense, Horror, New, old, Entertaining, Slow, Fiction…. etc, etc, etc…ย  But what we are starting, is the movies that are entertaining. Take out paper and start noting down.

So, here it is…

Top 5 Bollywood movies one must watch:-ย ย 


Recently, I hooked up with this movie and it has taken the first position on the list. I can’t relocate it to 2nd position or on the 3rd. It is the best movie. I recommend all of the readers to watch this movie…

images (5)

This is a real-life story about a man, who lived in a village. When he got to know, his wife is using dirty clothes instead of a Pad, during her Menstruation time, he was shocked. The villagers are very poor to buy the pad, he, therefore, done something that made everyoneย proud. He stood up for his wife and for every village women.

2)Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

Coming on the 2nd position, yes, it deserves this particular place. Without any second thought.


Are you a traveling worm? Or a collector of best movies? Or the one who knows the real meaning of friendship? Or just a human…!!! Whoever you are, You must watch this movie. It is entertaining and inspirational one. I am sure you will get some of the quotes from this movie, similar to yourself. After watching this movie, I am sure you will also make a list to go on vacation…as I did.

Moving on to numberย three…


I know, most of you can relate this movie to your best / epic/ awesome etc… movie list. ๐Ÿ˜‰ One of the movies which filch all your attention.


The story revolves around a small village whose inhabitants, burdened by high taxes. The villagers heard the name of the game,”CRICKET”, but never played it. Well, when given a deal to win the Cricket and their tax will be removed, what they did have no words. “Teamwork and hard work both are important”- what it says.


This movie is inspired by, Chetan Bhagat’s 5 point someone. This movie won 6 Filmfare awards.


The film is about the friendship of three students at an Indian engineering college and is a satire about the social pressures under anย Asian education system. Above all, it is the friendship centered movie. watch it with your friends. Also, how the worst situation can be, if their college lecturer or principal are not coordinating with their student.


“Last but not the least”, best suits here. This is a movie, about a girl who went for her honeymoon ALONE.

download (1)

You will be amazed by the way she managed to live in foreign all alone. Before leaving her house she was an introvert girl, no self-confidence, the one who can’t resist. But only one trip made her life the opposite way. She made friends. She became confident about herself. This movie inspired most of the girl who thinks she can’t do anything.

So here it ends the Top 5 list. Well, there may be more dozens of movies that you want to replace with this 5. But, I must say, this list is one of the best, I could have made.

Hope you enjoyed the reading. I will continue this journey and try to make your Sunday’s reading more entertaining and interesting.ย  Till then, “Keep reading”.

28 thoughts on “INTERESTING SUNDAY…

  1. oh – so interesting and fun …My favorite is LAGAAN- Russell offers a novel way to settle the dispute: he challenges Bhuvan and his men to a game of cricket, a sport completely foreign to India. If Bhuvan and his men can defeat Russell’s team, the tax will be repealed.

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  2. your choice of movies are very good, even though i am not sure about their ranking! anyways… hi ! How would you like to read a really short thriller this sunday afternoon?? I am starting fresh !! please tell my how you find it

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  3. ZNMD is my favourite. I remember in school we friends have promised each other to go on a trip that way…
    How amazing it would be…

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