Nature …!!!​

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The above picture is good enough. Although the tree is standing naked, without having clothes on its skin. But the branches and structure of this tree are very beautiful.

I just wanted to write this blog for the people who agonize for the outer beauty.

Guys, we are living in the 21st century. The outer beauty, the pehlae nazar ka pyar(Love at first sight), the color difference and many more, All were there in the 19th century. GROW UP…!!!

If we ignore the inner beauty, the outer beauty will never work for us.  Imagine, the above tree with lots of leaves and fruit. Yes, it seems superb. But without the perfect structure, the tree can never look good.

We should appreciate the inner beauty, nature and one’s character.


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One of my cousins told her story, how She loved someone deeply but the boy needed a girl in a more sexy attire. The one who can give a standard to his company. Yes, he never shows respect for the real love. But the best part of DESTINY is, it always changes.

Now, my cousin understood that the boy doesn’t deserve her.  And she is happy in her relationship, where she get admire about her cuteness and nature.

It’s not that, we should not appreciate outer beauty, but if we know that the person is hollow from inside…. Why please them?

We love to see the smart character on television, guy with cute hairstyle, the beautiful girls. But in real life, we want our partner to be with a golden heart and their physical attire doesn’t matter.  The type of relationship we want totally depends on the partner’s nature.

At least, with a good structure of a tree, we are sure of having dense leaves.

For the people who are actually beautiful from inside….

It is never said to be,

to be good and humble in nature.

But it’s you who wanted to be,

loved by all the creature.

Wait…!!!  don’t let yourself down,

you are just a normal being, who wanted to live along. 

No…!!! Don’t pull yourself back,

and let others hack,

hack the rights, the mind and decision,

and also the smiling face with a wrinkle.

Don’t worry about your beauty tips,

without the outer beauty, one day you will be linked,

Linked with the great people’s names list,

that attire will then, punch all the SHIT.






52 thoughts on “Nature …!!!​

  1. Very nice Shreya. Beautiful thoughts. Like i created one line in one of my story ‘ everyone is beautiful they just need the right eyes to fall on’, its important that we meet our eyes which sees our inner beauty. Liked ur post. Movies of this gen have created that expectation in minds of many. Beauty is always viewed colorful but may not last long. So its important to make the right choice.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sir for your valuable review.
      It is very important for a person to see the real me, my thinking, the way I am. But most of us are hooked up with the parameter of beauty, made by our society.
      You are right, movies have created that level of expectation. But as you have written, ” everyone is beautiful they just need the right eyes to fall on “.

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  2. A wise post with a delightful example of the tree personified. Superficial beauty can serve to attract one’s attention but it is the inner beauty made from the most positive characteristics of our humanity that last beyond even the life of the person. It is the inner beauty that holds us, connects us, and gives us examples of what can be the best parts of life. Life is hard and only a connection through a true and lasting love can help us through the challenges of our life. Superficial beauty cannot achieve this regardless of how fast our heart beats in its presence. Loved this post and look forward to more of your mindful discussions.

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  3. Beautiful post.. And I am happy your cousin now has someone that cares for her.. Beauty is not skin deep, Beauty comes from within.. Loved your analogy. and many thanks for your kind visit.. You have a lovely blog.
    Blessings Sue 🙂

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      1. There is a saying here in England. That Beauty is only Skin Deep, meaning ‘ A pleasing appearance is not a guide to character.’
        But you are absolutely right nationalities and colour have no boundaries over love.. 🙂 🙂
        You are most welcome.

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  4. This is beautiful and inspiring ❤ Just the fact that you could take something as simple as a tree and turn it into something so deep and meaningful shows YOUR beauty inside and out! ❤ God Bless ❤

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  5. I was always told that “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep.” Therefore, if you wanted to be a beautiful person, you needed to start from the inside out. Knowing I want to always be my highest and best, I continue to beautify my inner being. A smile on the outside helps too. Xcellent post!

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