The sunset



The beautiful morning brings whole day in its package.

The bag full of joy, excitement, happiness, positive vibes and lots of hope.

We all know the value of a day, and we thank God for giving us the luck to see the beautiful morning.

I feel so excited and good during the morning but as the vesper begins, I start feeling lifeless,” yawning Sejal said.

Sejal was a girl full of stress and tension. The tension size varies from the small exams to her family matter. She forgot how happiness portrait was. Her love Kumar was so tensed to see that Sejal is becoming depressed day by day.

Okay, then I think you never went to the Riverside, in evening, that is why you are boshing,” Kumar said.

The sudden plan always works and Kumar knew this. He insisted Sejal and She agreed to go Riverside. Both went there. They enjoyed and had lots of photos.



Kumar said,” without these evening we are empty, because if morning brings us energy, hope, and a positive attitude then evening also bring a small bag for us”.

Sejal moved to him. Leisurely sat on a cemented area, which seems to be made to block the sides. “And what bag? What it contains? Mr. Kumar.” Sejal asked.

“An evening brings us the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. The hope that the happiness you are wishing will be yours, don’t lose hope, a new day will come. The sadness and stress all will be over just step ahead”, Kumar explained.

Sejal held the hand easefully. “Are you sure tomorrow is better than today? And your belief that evening is for reminding us that this is the end of sadness is actually true?”

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 9.32.27 PM


Every evening promises to bring a new morning. Anyone can start a journey but greater are those who end it, and evenings are great. It wraps every day with a  hope for a new beginning” Kumar said.

Kumar sat near Sejal and looked at her. Sejal bent on Kumar’s shoulder gently and started,”Kumar, wonder how I used to think that evening is hopeless and boring, In fact, evening brings us the best part of life. It brings the time for us, to spend it with our family and loved ones. I can’t be hopeless in evening, it is the gift that morning gives us”.

Kumar smiled, he saw love in Sejal’s eyes. He calmly bent his head on Sejal’s head. Sejal,” I will not take tension of my life from now because, after day when evening will come, it will mop up all the sadness stress and tension of my life”.

“Yes, this is the truth”, Kumar was happy from inside.The evening went off after promising to gift a new day. Slowly the sky was filled with stars.  Sejal found a new hope and faith. Kumar found his love.

The cold wind was dancing and thanking for the wonderful day hoping to see a new beginning on a fresh morning.


Thank you SHALINI for the wonderful photos.






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