Love story of “Shoes and Socks”





What I mean to you? ” asked the Shoe in a confused way.

I am with you from the time we are here. We are close“, answered the Socks.

The Shoe is kept on the Shoe rack, in a room full of books. Entered Bhushan with 2 books in his left and a bottle in his right hand. Bhushan, The owner of the room and shoe.

Switched on his television, watching, TOM and JERRY cartoon.

I think I am…” Interrupted the Shoe, Socks said,” Why you love me? I will not always be there for you… We are together until the time I can fulfill Bhushan’s standard.”

I want you, I think I Love you”, Shoe asked Socks to be quiet. “When your soft body lies on me, softly it tickles. In winter, you provide me the required warmness. During summer, your cloth saves me from sweat. Whenever I am with you, I feel complete”.

Okay, I also want to share my feelings”, Socks replied,”I feel protected with you. You are there and I am safe from the scratches. During the rainy season, when Bhushan put on me, without you, I feel the shower of water on me, Yes, it makes me feel so cold. But with you, I don’t even care about the rain”.

But I am going to be old soon”, cried socks, “I have very less time left and if you will love me like this, even I love you back, we will be separated soon”.

A smile came out, Shoe said,”Even if we will be far apart, I will love you“.

Sock fully lied down on Shoe, and Shoe felt the cuddle.

Next morning, Bhushan was getting ready. Now, its time to wear shoes. He removed socks from the shoe and threw on the floor. A new pair of Socks took place. The old socks panicked. The shoe was speechless.

It was just a night we actually accepted our Love, and our destiny fails.”, socks cried. “You carry on your journey with the new partner, I have to leave now”.

I want to hug you for the last time“, Shoe agonized.

Suddenly, Bhushan took the socks from the floor to clean his shoes.

Both hugged and kissed each other. Cried to be with. But they couldn’t.

Bhushan threw the pair of socks in the dustbin.

The shoe was missing his socks very much. Few months the Shoes survived but he was disappointed and hopeless.

After sometimes, he was also replaced with another pair of shoes and thrown in the same dustbin where his socks were thrown.

He died peacefully.






40 thoughts on “Love story of “Shoes and Socks”

  1. Heart touching …. And felt the essance of real life … That love … That replacement …. Beautifully organised …. You gonna be a great writer keep it up !! 😊

    Liked by 3 people

  2. What a lovely idea! Who knew shoes and socks could fall in love?! 🙂 Ha, the true message of your story is not lost on me and I think you’re not only very creative, but you are very talented in how you put these ‘life’ messages across. Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for being so knowing when you liked “Para Soiba.” I’m a total klutz in love, as you must know. I haven’t even seen her pic, but I feel a vibe I can’t explain. Can you explain it?


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