I am Sorry



“Yeah, I know what’s your character.”, “Oooh, She is a fucking bitch”,”Oh My God..she is not a virgin”,”Why are you going out this late?”

I am sorry that I went to the movie late night. I am also sorry for what I used to wear.  I am sorry that I danced the whole night in the party.  I am sorry that I used to go alone to the market. I apologize that I thought the person is my uncle. I am sorry that I was drunk.  I am sorry that I took a long time to say,”Sorry”.Yes, I am sorry because I was unknown how to react.

Yes, I am sorry because I was not knowing how to react to these circumstances. I am sorry not to answer to your actions yesterday. But today, I feel guilty. I feel sad that I had to skip your deed. Because I was mentally weak but not physically.

When I wore shorts and mini skirt I was not confident to kick your ass. I am a dancer and I can dance for the whole night but when you put your finger on me, I behaved softly. I forgot that If I can dance for the whole night, that means I can break your bones and finger with that same stamina.

when I used to go alone and hear your unhealthy comments on me and my body parts I would have shown you what a simple girl can do to you. I would have shouted at you and a slap is enough for you people. But I forgot that and had the fear of my family. I forgot that my family will support me.

When I was drunk and you tried to get on me, I would have punched on your main part. But I didn’t. Because I forgot that I was just drunk and not out of my mind. I forgot that I am free and independent and I have promised myself that I will take care of myself in any situation.

When uncle used to call me and ask me to sit on his lap, with many hesitations I used to. While I was a child but what he was doing was known to me. But I forgot that if I will speak up and share this with my parents they would have helped me. I had a fear of something that I don’t know.

I was not weak, I was just freaking out with the situations. Why I will fear from them who don’t fear from me. Those who never give respect to anyone, those who never feel that girls are also human. Why we have to wait for the correct person to come and make everything fine for us. Why..?

I am a girl. I can understand every situation and can overcome it. I can work day and night. I can do anything. I bleed every month and then also on the next day I look healthy and fit. I carry another life in my womb and for 9 long months. I give birth to a baby which can even take my life. The pain is unexplainable and I overcome that pain. I cry I laugh, I make fun. I am different for you guys. You don’t count me in your category, neither you count me as an independent one.

I am good enough to make me proud.  I have the willpower. When I can choose the way of life I want to live I can also guide myself to the best women. I can fight back because I am strong. I am a girl and I am proud of it.




17 thoughts on “I am Sorry

    1. Thtat’s so true… we should stand for ourself…..”Like icebergs, people normally expose only a small part of themselves, and generally just the part they wish to show”. …but this not be done. And generally girls keep this type of thinking. We should show the real feeling what we have.

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    1. Thank you… We are always said, that we are weak, we shouldn’t do any task just because it is tough for men. Society itself made this rules, but we forgot that we are the one who makes society.


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