Why is it complicated..??

Why is it not easy to live life without complications? When I am sad, why it’s needed to carry a fake smile and walk? Why it’s really hard to cry when I feel like to do it. Why I complicate my situation and start behaving like a strong person, who never cry? Why I have to behave normally with the person I know are not my true friends, and one day or the other they will harm me? Why it happens that when I am not willing to help someone, but still have to give a helping hand, seeing them in trouble? Why can’t I laugh out loud when really somebody cracks a joke on me? Why I can’t speak up my words when someone is misleading the whole topic from a sensible to useless one? Why I think I am not the one who can make changes in the whole world? Why it happens that what “people” will say is my priority? Why I can’t be an artist of my own kind? When I know no one is going to help me out in trouble but still, I think about them?  Why I can’t bear tears on other’s face but its worth in my eyes?

Yes, it’s complicated. But why we are making it so? If I feel free whenever I want I can laugh, whenever I want I can dance. This is me, but due to some “social impurities”, I became complicated. If I can’t  cry out loud, how is it possible for me to laugh. There are two walls which surround our happiness and life. The first and foremost is “What people will say” and the other one is “me and myself”. By hook or by crook if the first wall can be broken, but the second wall is the most difficult thing to break. But once you overcome this wall, there is no other wall or boundaries that will try to stop you. After breaking these two walls, you will get feathers to fly, and you can fly wherever you want to.

Guys, everyone is not the same type. What we have to do, is to make our self better. Because when every country can have different timing, so how is it possible to have two person’s mind running in the same way. Live to your fullest, because no one knows what the next step of our life is.

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